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Grant Goodes -

Yes, Jovi is one of the few bright-spots in the Ottawa-area
beer situation. The LCBO has continued to reduce its selection
of Belgian brews, and the Beer Store only stocks the more main
stream Unibroue's, so a monthly trip to Jovi keeps my beer mojo

The owner is very proud (and rightly so) of his selection. I
have also been fortunate to meet some of the brewery reps when
they come in to deliver stock. Just strolling the aisles in Jovi
you are likely to meet another hop-head, and get into a quick
discussion of the merits of this or that beer.

Be sure to look for the special commemorative beer called
Marche Jovi put out by one of the amateur brewing associations
in Quebec. The six-pack conveniently includes a map of how
to get to Jovi on the case, and you can give this to your
friends to let them know how to find this local beer mecca.

Alan -

Hey - good heads up. I was actually proudly shown that six pack and then went a head and forgot to buy one. Now I have another reason to go back.

Monique Lavigne -

Très bon établissement avec de bons produits - le service est excellent et en plus ils offrent la livraison et les services postaux.

Jonathan Fournier -

Le marché Jovi est de loin, le meilleur endroit pour acheter une grande variété de bière.
Le propriétaire se fait un plaisir de nous présenter ses nouvelles venues, tout en nous décrivant la personnalité de chacune.
De plus, les prix sont très concurrentiels comparativement à ce qu'on retrouve dans les épiceries.
Il faut y faire son tour régulièrement puisqu'il y a des nouveautés qui ne tardent pas sur les tablettes.