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Greg Clow -

Actually, there is a Canadian Brewerianist Society. I think they have a convention in Toronto every year. No sign of a website for them, though.

And like you, I've never gotten into that aspect of the beer scene. My wife would probably kill me if I did. She gets frustrated enough by all the full bottles of beer I keep around - imagine if I kept all the empty ones as well? Yikes!

Alan -

That pile of beer related stuff is what is giving me pause about entering the world of homebrewing again, too.

Dave Osbaldeston CBS Member #905 -

I am pleased to advise that the Canadian Brewerianist Society is alive and well and that I am Member no. 905 of about 1500 active across the country. I brew nothing and drink about the same. But I am a Canadian history freak and to save such history wrt industries upon which many a Canadian small town and city were built to me is somewhat of an honour....and a whole lot of fun!

The CBS has many regional clubs and has been holding an annual convention every year for about the last 30 years in any one of the great existing or historically related brewery cities in our country. A great hobby and let's face it...what a setting...good friends and good beer!

Bob Burtt -

Is there still a Canadian Brewerianist Society (CBS)? I can't seem to find anything up to date on the internet.

fred kristan -

I have a set of solid oak wood lettering of the Kronenbrau logo (see attached). Tried to find the company who made them without luck (out of business I think) and have emailed the brewery in Europe to see if they know what they are worth. When hung on a wall they stand approximately 13" high by 68" wide. There were only 2 sets of these made for Carling O’Keefe breweries when they brewed this brand in Canada. They are in excellent original condition and have never been touched up or enhanced. Would you know anyone who would be interested in buying these or guide me to someone who might be interested in them. I would appreciate you help very much.

Yours truly,
Fred Kristan