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Stan Hieronymus -

Deus was spotted in Kansas City just the other day for $21. Not cheap, but we are talking about a beer that takes time and labor to produce (it is riddled like Champagne). That makes it about the same price as Lou Pepe Kriek.

Those two are both nice beers, though I wouldn't buy them at that price (Deus isn't to my taste, the Lou Pepe is great at two-thirds of the price).

But there are beers that I think are worth going on 75 cents an ounce (about $20 for a 750) . . . in a store (which means twice that or more in a restaurant). If we don't pay that then they aren't going to be made.

Yes, there is snobbery in some cases. Blame the snobs, not the beers. And remember there are other reasons beers cost more.

A quick aside, whatever shipping advantages beers from Belgium have in the UK are offset by higher duty. That's why we saw the Meantime Porter for less than $8 (a 750) in Milwaukee. That's about the same amount it costs in London (it is brewed in Greenwich).

Prosit - Stan

Smoove D -

Ha! That reminds me of an article I read in the Wall Street Journal about five years ago. Apparently, Stell Artois is the equivilant of Bud in Belgium. However, clever marketers repackaged it, tripled the price, and unleashed it on unsuspecting idiot Americans who thought that since it came from Belgium, it must be good.

Temuin -

Stella Artois has a substantially different taste than Budweiser, although figuratively you are probably correct - it is Belgium's Budweiser. I've never been able to stomach Bud, but I'll drink a half-sack of Stella in two-point-two!

I've always wondered why Heineken is so expensive. It must have something to do with supply and demand, but you would think that a truly global beer like Heine's would be a lot cheaper.

emmy -

I recently had the experience of visiting the Bosteels brewery in Buggenhout. The beer tasted amazing. The Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet & Deus was unlike anything I've tasted in the states. Fresh, on target, crisp, everything was amazing. Same with the Meantime brewery. Why does beer taste so much better at the breweries?