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eli -

A local brewer here in western Pennsylvania brews a wet hop beer in the fall. It's out now and it can't be that far of a drive from Ontario, right?

More here: http://www.eastendbrewing.com/?q=node/123

Mads -


Here in Denmark a craft brewery called "Gourmetbryggeriet" has brewed a wet hop beer called "Harvest Ale". There was an article last Sunday in the newspaper Politiken about a guy from the brewery driving from Denmark to England and back in one day to get the hops for the brew. I wrote about the article in my blog (in Danish sorry): http://wp.8deg.com/2006/10/04/man-kan-ikke-fotografere-duften/


Greg Coggin -

I'm a home brewer with some cascades in my yard ready to harvest and I want to do a wet hop ale. Any suggestions on adjusting hop adition using fresh hops...? I readomewheret is somewhere around seven times more hops than using dried...
Thanks in advance!


Lela -

I'm working on a photo shoot and desperately trying to find fresh hops- the green small acorm looking ones. Does any one have a supplier contact or any ideas where i can ship from?