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Marek Zyskowski -

So far I tried a case of the Reb'Ale and a case of the Belge. The Reb'Ale reminds me of the sleeman's Rouse and the Belge reminds me of the Fin du Monde. In any case great beer for the price.

Alan -

Excellent point. Value is an important element in these considerations. If I were to buy any again, La Belge would likely be it.

google -


john singleton -

I'm travelling frequently past the location of the brewery. So on spec, this Thursday, I'll try to scope out the "farm/brewery" and let you all know if I score some beer. Otherwise, another site proposed a Metro grocery store in Verdun, this one amongst others I've been to is the Mecca for craft-brewed beers! I'll try to remember to report back on this development. JS

Alan -

Thanks John. That would be good of you to give an update as this post is now almost 3 and a half years old.