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beer lover in Toronto -

Mill Street is putting out some amazing beers. Their Tankhouse Ale has been tops on my list for a while (make sure that's on your list for the vacation). It's got great colour and a nice bitterness to it. Quenches. Their Coffee Porter is also great. Nice to see the word's getting out!

gr -

I believe Alan wrote up the coffee porter once. I would like to try these other ales and and beers, preferably onsite. When Alan scehdules the gen x at 40, beer blog reunion party in TO I hope you and your friends can come!

Brodie -

Ok, I've passed the Mill Street bottles on my Friday tour of the LCBO too many times now. I'm actually getting excited about this afternoon's trip. Is that normal? perhaps a question better posted on genX. Cheers, BR.

gr -

Brodie, check out what our man Brian comments above. Fill your basket with as many choices as possible and report back.
Wow, my typos in that comment up there....what an illiterate fool, or maybe I wrote that after cocktail hour...

Brodie -

Ok, here's my report: tankhouse ale - great, coffee porter - yummie. Not big on tasting notes as you can see but I'll give it a shot.

The Tankhouse Ale is the first Ontario beer that I've tried that reminds me of a real IPA (Sgt Major was good but has let me down most recently) - I don't think Mill Street calls it an IPA however. Moderately (?) bitter, with nice spicy hops but not as much as the big hop bombs from the states that Al has been good enough to share.

Coffee Porter - at this time of year I think this style is my favourite. I'm a choco-holic and coffee fiend so I like this one alot. Smells great - just as you would expect coffee and beer to smell like. Flavour has a dark chocolate bitterness and a long coffee finish/aftertaste.

That's it - I'll try the the stock ale next - if it is what I'm expecting I might have a new cottage favourite for next summer. Cheers, Brodie

gr -

Brodie: I speak for toastmaster Alan here, and myself, when I say: WELL DONE. I am jealous. My wife and I should have spent the weekend on a stool at the brewery taking notes, but since we couldn't, I am glad you did the leg work for us.

Sandi Carmichael -

If you are wanting to try these bodacious batch craft beers, Please feel free to visit us at the Mill Street Brew Pub, Located at 55 Mill Street, Building 63 Toronto, ON M5A 3C4. Sampling availiable at the Mill Street Beer Store.