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Thomas -

I take it as tongue in cheek, but I honestly only see it effecting prices for homebrewers if anyone. The local brewpub will doubtfully see much an impact on price. But as a homebrewer I'll start hoarding now :-)

Alan -

I wonder. I know that Coors and A-B spend a lot on ensuring their otherwise standard beers do have real hops in them. That might cause a pinch in the market that has a domino effect.

Thomas -

True Alan, but if you look at Craft Beer Radio recently they went on a Bud hop tour and they seemed to be self contained in that they had direct farms and processing center associated for their hop production, I suspect Coors probably does the same. So I doubt it will effect the top 3, who probably have multiyear contracts. 4% is small enough and brewpubs buy in enough bulk it's why I don't see them being much impacted, because homebrewers buy in the smaller quanitity 2oz maybe a pound at a time at most I can see them taking the hit.

Thomas -

Not sure if listen to Lunch Meat show at the Brewing Network but they have an interview with Hop Union at the beginning of todays show. It's in the first five minutes of the show and tackles this subject.

Thomas -

Here is that Lunch Meat show I mentioned, it's finally in their archives.


Alan -

That is great, Thomas. Thanks for sticking with the story.

Eli -

i dont need an adviser to know that bud dont make ya "weiser"