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gr -

This is so unfair. I ASSUMED this had been reviewed long ago. Guess what is in our fridge, crowding out the other essentials? Yes, the growlers are a good deal at 2.59-3 bucks per, but Wegman's has them this week: 12 for 10 bucks. A mighty good deal.
Sure, a not complicated ale, but all the elements are there and the quality is pretty good. Good stuff from the grocery store, and nice backup to a week of fancier brews.

Dave S -

I think the Pale Ale is turning into Saranacs mainline beer, taking over from what is now called Adirondack Lager. I've just finished the 12 Beers of Winter, and as you imply in your review of the Pale Ale, and Potter says too, none of them is earthshaking, but all are very good beers. I used to think of the Saranac house style as "near miss", but now think they've improved, producing versions of classic beers that are made a bit milder to appeal to a larger audience, not dumbed down, or just plain wrong.


Beautica, huh?...

Ron -

The Saranac Pale Ale happens to be my "go to" beer, particularly in the summer when I can get a 12 pack for $9.99. The Pale Ale is Saranac's flagship beer; and while they produce many good beers, the Pale Ale really stands out. (the Adirondack Lager I think is, well, poor - it draws a crowd of drinkers in the North Country who think the only better beer than the lager is LaBatt's Blue.)

I love the lacy head on the Pale Ale and the hop balance is just right for an english pale ale. That way, IPA's can be IPA's, and bitters and can be bitters - this sits inbetween.

Of the other Saranacs that are on the better side are that worthy of a try are: Octoberfest, Pumpkin, Black Forest Porter, and Black & Tan. I agree with Dave S, I think Saranac is trying to improve and put out better beers. The Octoberfest & Pumpkin are newer and definately high quality beers.

Alan -

Having one now to celebrate NCPR surpassing its target for the Spring 2009 funding drive. Plenty of malt cut by rough bittering hops which are balanced with another finer more floral hopping. Great value beer.