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geoff blee -

fully agree with what Paul has said. Great place. Off there again next week and will be taking in the beer house on a few occasions. Food there is good as well

Les -

The view was great, the beer, well I was not blown away with it, but I could see how it would be easy to drink a few pints.
The staff, well the one member of staff who served us, short, fat, stupid and very rude.
I am retired I only say this to give you some idea of my age, under normal circumstances I never have any trouble with staff who I meet during our holidays, normally vary helpfully and kind.
But the man / boy who served us was rude, and had forgotten who the customer was.
Having to ask for the bill 3 times and being ignored, having to find the till and try and pay, and being told I had to wait, giving my money to the waiter who told my to go back to our table and wait
Finally I got my change and we left.
Would I go to the Beerhouse again, NOT A CHANCE

Pedro Amoroso -

Beerhouse is impossible to forget. If you go to Madeira, and spend some days at Funchal without going to the Marina and sit at Beerhouse, then, it's just like going to Rome and not see the Pope!
It's a beautiful view you enjoy,it's a very tasty beer you enjoy, and all the staff is kind, and very professional, impossible not to be pleased with the table service and manners!

I sugest to eat the steak on the "bolo do caco" a very unique and tasty white bread from Madeira on wich is spread garlic butter (If you don't want it you ask for it).

And after try the apple pye!

Who goes to Madeira - Funchal, must at least spend one afternoon having lunch or simply enjoy a good home beer made at Beerhouse.


Pedro Amoroso from Lisbon , Portugal

Baz -

I completely agree with Paul and Pedro and can only think that Les is a grumpy f**t, when I visited,on several occasions,it was very busy as there was 3 cruise ships in as well as the Tall Ships but the staff was both cheerful and efficient and I would love to return to Madeira and enjoy a great beer in very pleasant surroundings. Cheers, Baz

Trevor Holcroft -

Its a super place I recommend it to everyone.

Its well patronised by locals and the beer is great. So ae the steak sandwiches.

andy -

maybe les caught the waiter on a bad day, we all have them!

Bob -

Just got back from an untypically wet week in Madeira but the saving grace was several visits to Beerhouse. Their main beer was excellent - very much like a Munich "Helles" and they've just started brewing a mid-brown beer, which probably needs a bit of adjusting. They also have a dark beer - which I think they get from Coral - a really good stout-type offering. I'd certainly go again!