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Paul -

I agree Saisons are one of best kept secrets in the world of beer. Dupont is pretty good but my favourite so far is:

Brasserie de Silly Brouwerij (Belgium)

Silly Saison – Creamy head, dark amber beer. Malty slightly sweet toffee flavour. Slight bitter aftertaste. Very moreish, don’t be put off by the name.
No sediment.
As good, if not better than Innis & Gunn !

Great name - great taste.

Alan -

I have the 2008 version of the Smuttynose and this time the think sweet quality seems a little too much.

Nicole -

I found this entry while looking for saison pictures - I was impressed by the line up! We don't get Smutty our here in CA, I wish we did! Saison D'Epeature, despite being very light, is a favorite of mine - I love the subtle flavor from the spelt. it's so bright. I feel for you on the bad Belgian translations. Have you ever read the S. Bernardus website? it seems like everything was translated from Belgian to Japanese then to English. Anyway, I think I know what that cryptic translation means - they're talking about Southern German weizen yeast strain, which is a peculiar yeast blend. It consists not only of a particular strain of S. Cervesiae (brewer's yeast) but also S. Delbrukki, which is responsible for much of the banana esters and clove phenols in German Weizens. The only thing is, I don't get much banana and clove from the beer!

Alan -

Greatest bottle of Fantome Saison that I have ever had. I bought six last summer, had one then and there, gave one to an old acquaintance and popped another somewhere along the way. Less of the white pepper and certainly less yeast sludge than in other bottles, so the pear and white grape juice comes forward. Chalk and lavender but a bit muted. Fresh, zesty and lovely.

Alan -

Another one of the six tonight. A bit more acidic than I think the last one. Not muted at all. Yet fresh and zesty and lovely, too.

dany -

thanks all members for your good comments !!
dany, ft brewer ;-)