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Diamonds -

Organic Lager : A premium ale for those who know and care about what they eat and drink.

David -

Re: Zhu Jiang Beer

I also recently tried Zhu Jiang Beer at my favorite Chinese restaurant ( a great place for spicy Xian style food here in Vancouver) and I would have to agree with your review. It is a different style than the old and tired German pilsner Tsingtao,and I found it to be a straight forward lager with a lighter body,more malt than hops and finally a refreshing finish.

Price is cheaper too in our government stores by around $1.00 a 6-pack.

All in all,not a bad Chinese brew.I put the link below to the brewery in Guangzhou,southern China.


Jay -

Haven't tried the Zhujiang Lager yet,tried the Zhujiang Draft in Hong Kong. Decent draft for an Asian beer.

Keith Dunlevy -

The main brand from Guangzhou,but seems to be everywhere now across China.Picked up the export(?)version in Edmonton,Ab.

Pale golden pour.Standard lager.Nice aroma but a little on the mild side with the hops.I was expecting the same as I tried over in Shanghai but this Zhu Jiang Beer was a lot more satisfying.Not bad at all and would include it when buying a lager beer.