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Alan -

Interesting to compare your comments on lower alcohol beer, Paul, with this BBC news item from last week about these 2% beers that are coming out in the UK to attract those interested in the bar scene. I wish milds would make a comeback and if I were able to find this example from Maine near me it would be a regular in my fridge.

Paul -

Big beer producers are always looking for something new to shift product. They'll push this no doubt cause they pay less duty and can make more money !

Mild continues to struggle in the UK - fantastic beer caught in a catch 22 circle of not stocked/kept well vs nobody drinks it due to ignorance or bad experience.

Knut -

Two points: I admire the British brewers for managing to brew low strength ales with full taste. When I visited the Netherlands recently, the beers were very nice, but after having sampled a few they go straight to you head, they are typically in the 6-8% range.
The second: The low alcohol lager has a useful function if you are driving, have an important meeting in the morning, or if you want something to drink for lunch that is not either water or sweet. I cannot imagine that this will catch on by those who drink more than two pints at a session.
It may be a fad for a while, but then the sales will dwindle. Remember low carb beer?