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Kevin -

I just wanted to add that I am from Eugene OR and am spending 6 months in the UK. I know that Britain is known for its brews, but there is nothing I miss more from home than Hazlenut Brown, except maybe Obsidion Stout (Deschutes Brewing Company, Bend OR).

Chris -

Kevin: Rogue distributes to England. Not sure exactly where, but I bet if you emailed Rogue they'd be happy to tell you.

Alan: That's probably my favorite Rogue beer, and one of the only things from them that I'll gladly pay $5/pint for. Keep your eyes peeled for Dad's Little Helper, Rogue's first attempt at making a "gourmet malt liquor".

Alan -

Oh my. I have yet to try a malt liquor but may have to try that one.

Knut -

The export to Britain as well as several other European countries. I just got a list from a beer shop in Copenhagen with five of their new beers.
Unabrew or whatever it's called in Borough Market may have it. Or ask those guys over at ratebeer, they know everything!

Chris -

"Or ask those guys over at ratebeer, they know everything!"

Careful Knut, you might anger Jason, Todd and the other Advocates with bold statements like that ;)

Alan -

I was just going to say that Chris. Even though I mainly link to Beer Advocate reviews as a cross reference, the two services are equally resplendent.

pb9617 -

One of my three favorite beers - it's like nectar from the gods, and one of the few beers that measures up to Sam Smith's Nut Brown.