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Nick Shortway -

Maybe for the Foret, but some of those prices are exorbitant. A bottle of the standard DuPont usually only cost 5.99 or less. That's triple the price. And a 12oz of Westmalle Tripel for 11 bucks? You get that in the store for about 3.50 or 4.

And, besides that, I think it's terrible that every beer in that place is an import considering the massive variety from American microbreweries. Are they really serious with the only IPA being the Samuel Smith's? When you need an IPA to seriously complement some spicy food, you go American, hands down.

But I guess it's a step in the right direction to keep the beer/food pairing moving along.

Alan -

That is a very good point. Especially as some of the finest breweries in North America are within 100 miles.

Chris -

“We don’t aim towards pub people,” he said. “We’re about the beer geeks, people who want to try a new experience.”

This statement makes no sense. What he should have said is:

“We cater to true biere connoisseurs, the type of biere drinker that really wants to explore the marriage of food and biere.”

If he is making these type of statements, I personally do not want him representing the biere community as the first “beer sommelier”.

I would love the term “beer geek” to be phased out, we are all really connoisseurs.

Biere De Table

Alan -

I don't know if I know eenought to be a connoisseur, Chris. There is too much I have not had to suggest I have the knowledge. I don't really mind beer geek though I tend to use nerd myself.

SeattleDrinker -

I guess that I find it a bit sad that they distinguish between a "pub person" and a "beer geek". In my experience, they tend to be one and the same. The geekiest folks I know will happily spend a day on a stool at a good pub.

The idea's good for introducing wine-y snobs to the wide world of beer but I wish the pretension factor was a little lower.

Chris -

This is really no different then what I (or any good beer store employee) do on a daily basis, except he gets tips...

If anyone out there has a 5 star restaurant and needs a "beer sommelier" feel free to look me up. After years of homebrewing and working as the buyer for one of the best bottleshops on the west coast I figure I'm as qualified as that guy. I'm open to relocating if the offer is right.

I think the term should be "beer steward", or maybe "cellarman". Both of them sound less pretentious than sommelier, and neither of them is tied to the world of wine.

And no offense to Deus, but I'd take a Cantillon Broucsella 1900 Grand Cru or Fantome La Gourmande over a bottle of Deus any day. In fact, at half the price of the Deus, I'd take two!

Alan -

Hey Chris, I like "cellerman" myself. Good idea. And, speaking of good ideas, why don't you set up an east west co-operative to swap bottles with some of the shops here I can visit when south of the border. I am running into the roadblock of not getting western US stuff due to shipping realities. I hate those sort of real realities. Fantome La G' is one to look for? I am still suffering from the chocolate chili.

Chris -

Not a fan of the Chocolat eh? I had a bottle last week and enjoyed it, but I've heard it's even more variable than his other beers. And yes, the Gourmande is excellent. It may be tough to find because I don't think he's bottled any since late '04, but the fine folks at Shelton Brothers would be able to tell you where to find it if it still exists.

As far as your bottle swap idea goes, it's something to consider. I'm not sure about the legalities in other states, but here in OR I'm only allowed to buy (and consequently sell) beer that's been purchased from a licensed OR distributor. This would make it practically impossible to sell things from the east coast that aren't normally distributed here, however, if you got together with friends/co-workers/etc and found a shop that was willing to play along I could ship cases via Yellow Freight and you could pick them up. I could then find people out here who'd be willing to pre-pay for things and we could reverse the process...

I'll look into this a little further and see if I can find a legal solution to the dilemma, but until then I'd suggest getting a P.O. box on this side of the border and hitting the trading forums on BA or Ratebeer.


Alan -

Dang! That practicality thing again!