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Donavan Hall -

This story is a bit out of date. When I was in Leuven five years ago, one of my colleagues there told me that they (he wasn't specific, but I assume it was one of the InterBrew, now InBev, brands) were "test marketing" a light beer in the elementary schools. I expressed my surprise (but not disapproval) and my colleague acted like it was the normal thing. However, I still think Belgium has a minimum drinking age (like 16) but that just might be the age at which a person can purchase alcohol. (Anyone know?) When I was in Pennsylvania recently, the public notices in the brewpubs made it clear that "consumption" of alcohol (not just purchase) by anyone under 21 was illegal. There are so many reasons to move to Belgium.

AthensWalker -

This has long been my impression as well. When you think of the obesity epidemic and the tons of sugar found inside each can of soft drink I don't see how you could argue otherwise. Of course, that doesn't mean kids should be drinking like adults or anywhere close to that, but a glass of wine or beer every once a while, together with meals, seems not only healthier but also promotes responsible drinking habits.
Children / teenagers in the US and other "alcohol fighting" countries seem to find something mystifying in alcohol consumption (and in breaking the law along the way...).

Steve Gates -

These countries never had to endure a government sanctioned Prohibition either, there has been a longstanding bias against alcohol consumption in N. America for adult consumers, I drink a beer a day, just like a vitamin,and I am healthy as can be but I don't think I am ready to allow my 16 year old access to the best beverage on earth just yet, we are talking about a fellow who can still eat a whole bag of cookies in a day if I'm not vigilant enough to prevent him. This type of impulse control does not need alcohol.