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Knut -

Can you ask them if they export any across the Atlantic?

Dave S -

I bought and consumed several six packs of these two when I was in Colorado last week. Quite inexpensive considering the high quality. Less than $8(?)at North Boulder Liquor. I didn't expect to see them in this blog, or in upstate NY! I'll have to make a run to Oswego.

Alan -

I like to think you will never know what to expect from this blog. I might share plans for the glee club but that would be telling.

Knut -

I've been to a museum again, and this time I found some beer info. Want a report, Alan?

Alan -

You bet. Send it along.

ChrisA. -

Wow!!! Thanks to this and other articles, I finally got around to trying Dale's Pale Ale. I think it was kismet, since there was only one six-pack left at the store. Absolutely amazing. In my opinion, certainly closer to an IPA. The numbers would support as well at 60+ IBU's and 6.5% ABV. This may very well be my favorite IPA. I love the fact that one of the reasons these guys are canning is because it made them laugh. I was the one laughing at a party I went to when people thought I was drinking "generic beer". I just love the notion of a kick ass IPA in a can. Oskar Blues rocks!!!

Chris -

If you ever get a chance to buy or drink some of the Oskar Blues "Gordon" don't pass up the opportunity. Trust me, even if they want four or five dollars for a can it'll be worth it.


I've spoken to Dale and Marty about canning this year-round, but they are sticking to 750ml bottles for most of it, at least for now.

Dr. James Mobley -

Dale's Pale, OldChub, and Gordons are the best canned beers I have ever tasted! And I've tasted a lot as I drink different beer all the time. Just pour the delicious goodness from the can into a clean glass and check out the robustness and wonderful head on them and you'll see what I mean. I haven't been this excited about beer since my first Guinness 30 years ago. Keep up the great work!