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Alan -

I had a pleasant trip to the Pennsylvania DUtch area in 2004 that introduced me to Lancaster's brews including an excellent milk stout. Did you have to buy the 2-4 or were you able to figure out PA distribution?

Donavan -

Actually, before I posted I did search this blog and found your earlier posts. I wish I had read the article on PA distribution BEFORE I went to PA. I had an interesting experience in a beer store there which I'm writing up. The good news is that I ended up with a case of Trogenator and other mixed cases from Tröegs, Weyerbacher, Appalachian, etc. My car was loaded with bottles. Loved the Lancaster Milk Stout, btw. I'll save the details of my other PA beer distribution adventures for the full article.

Alan -

My interesting PA experience was asking in a drug store about where I could get a beer. It was like I asked where I could get a prostitute. The owner had to come out and tell me in hushed tones. Very weird. Like the time in Vermont when I asked for a beer in a restaurant and was just told "this is a family restaurant." I said my family included beer but to no avail.

Donavan -

Yeah, I've got the "this is family restaurant" line too. There's a lot of work yet to do for us beer evangelists.