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Brian -

Actually I've just taken to this myself recently. I have no real method yet... just grab two beers and dump them together. The most interesting I found so far was a smoked porter with 1/3 of an apricot flavoured wheat ale.

Knut -

Since you ask, it is pure heresy.

Chris -

We have customers coming into the shop almost daily with wierd sounding blends. Here's three that I've tried recently (and enjoyed):

Raspberry cheesecake: 50/50 framboise and chocolate stout [use one of the sugary lambics like Lindemans, don't waste something good on an experiment like this]

Imperial Overload: 50/50 Imperial IPA and Imperial Stout. [you have to be careful with this one]

Dark Dog: Grab a pint glass and pour in a bottle of 90 Minute IPA, then drop a shot of World Wide Stout on top and watch it swirl...

I heard about these a couple days ago from a Rogue fan, but haven't tried 'em yet:
Snickers Bar: 50/50 blend of Rogue Chocolate Stout and Hazelnut Nectar

Old Crusty Bastard: 25/75 blend of Rogue Old Crustacean and Arrogant Bastard

Bill -

Half Bud, half Miller High Life makes a great beige-and-tan.

jc -

I read somewhere that porters got their start this way. Bars would mix one kind of beer with another and the train porters loved it so much that the drink was named after them.

Jeremy -

Guinness and Murphys half and Half: The Irishman's Delight
Discovered at the local pub when half way through filling a pitcher o' the staff we noticed a new Murphy's tap, which was promptly used to fill the last half.

So good it became a "menu" item.

Guinness and rasberry/strawberry mead is also very good.

The mead mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with a nice hard cider is up there on the tasty scale.

Jeremy -


It was a mix of a weak newer brew along with a "stale" ale that where mixed to create porters.

EH -

I prefer the Black and Blue or as I like to call them- lunar eclipse. Guiness over Blue Moon.

Mike -

I can't say that I mix beers often other than the occasional black and tan or half and half. However, I do occasionally mix beer with liquor. The obvious ones here are Flaming Dr. Peppers and Sake Bombs. Liqueurs like schnapps and fruity things can also impart great taste to different beers.

BTW, yes, this is heresy. I only use bad beer for this. :)

Alan -

I have not even thought of Labatt 50 and clamato, one of my restorative tonics. In Halifax in the '80s you would order "two and juice" which was two 8 oz glasses of beer and tomato juice. a Saturday noon drink.

Knut -

Until about twenty years ago, beer stronger than about 2 % was banned in Iceland. When someone opened a pub where the big hit was light beer with a shot of the local aquavit (lovingly known as Black Death), they amended the law.

Chris -

The true Black and Blue. Guiness and Atlantic Brewing's Blueberry Ale. Also good with Atlantic's Coal Porter in place of the Guiness.

Alan -

Mmmmm...Maine be-ah. I'll be there in a few weeks for to load up. I think coal porter is one of the better names for beer.

eric -

I work at New Belgium Brewing Co. and we regularly blend our shift beers at the end of the day from the taps in our tasting room, keeps it interesting.
Some of our favs. are,
Sunshine Wheat and Trippel 50/50 called a Suntrip
Trippel and Biere de Mars 50/50 called a Trip to Mars

Last year we started a competition within the brewery based on tasting blended beers and guessing the types and percentages of each. The winner gets full access to all raw materials and equipment including advise and help from our Brewmaster, brewers, and cellar operators to produce any style of beer they so desire. The beer I made was actually a blend itself of a two year old sour beer from our wood cellar, peach juice and a strong golden ale I brewed with pale malt a bit of Carapils, unmalted wheat, and aged hops. So I would say that in my opinion it most definitely is not heresy and should be encouraged.

Alan -

Hey Eric! That sounds like a good happy hour project. One blend I have been contemplating would be a decent biere de barde like Saison Dupont with just a bit (<10%) of blackcurrent lambic.

Matt Dunn -

Your Lambic/Stout blend sounds a lot like something we used to do in college:

Yuengling Porter was only $4.50 a pitcher at Boxer's Cafe in Huntingdon PA. A bottle of Lindeman's Framboise added to the pitcher made for an interesting departure.

Matt Dunn -

Oh yeah...and the 75 minute from JeffreyT on the goodbeershow.com

1/2 DFH 90 minute, 1/2 60 Minute

It's actually really good.

Alan -

Did you know Dogfish did make a 75 as a one-off but didn't continue with it? I only know this from haunting beer advocate for adjectives to steal.

beerkid -

samual adams cherry wheet and guiness. its deliciouso

Pat -

Beauty and the Beast: 50/50 Guinness Kaliber and Milwaukee's Best Light

ToTheBrimm -

Some will disagree, of course, but here is the quintessential American Black and Tan:
-a layer of slightly sweet, slightly bitter Bass Pale Ale
-topped with a layer of the smoothest dark beer you'll find, Guinness Stout.

Maxx -

Just invented a surprisingly good mix the other weekend, now trolling for others. The mix was 75% Miller High Life and 25%-33% Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA. I've since tried it with Long Trail IPA with similar results. Very drinkable. Note: Does NOT work with standard Pale Ale. It needs the IPA bite.

Gabriel -

Stone Smoked Porter/Stone Ruination mix to your taste. It's delicious. I prefer 2/3 Ruination 1/3 Smoked Porter

heidelbergie -

i like a 50/50 of stella and heineken

heidelbergie -

ive also tried a 25% of stella, heineken,blue moon and dos equis, nice blend

EHov -

Only partially along these lines, but back in college on a hot summers day I would "brew" some tea-beer by tossing an Orange or Lemon Zinger tea bag in my pint glass before pouring over whatever cheap lager was around. It imparted some additional bitterness beyond just squeezing in the citrus that really elevated a Nati Light to something refreshing and enjoyable!

Alan -

That is actually a really good idea. Could there be "hop bags" to boost the bitter a bit, too?

Stan Hieronymus -

You must have missed the chatter about Bull & bush's Whole Hop Infusion several weeks back.

Alan -

No, I have seen that use of a coffee press before (and it is a good idea) but I mean the discrete tea bag (or a selection) in the shirt pocket that walks through the door, one that has nothing to do with the brewer or the bar owner. It gives total control to the drinker, the only person whose taste preferences ultimately matter.

Alan -

Exactly - just a personal version. Like spoon sized shredded wheat.

David -

I have been layering, mixing, combining beer for years. I have a 9 page list detailing my experinces. I also have a beer with liquor, beer with liqueur, a liquor with liqueur, and a list that deals with beers with soda/pop of all sorts. I am building a list of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holiday drinks that isn't for St Paddy's day. Anyone have questions or just curious, please ask.

Alan -

David, you are the 33rd comment on a blog post on this topic which is 7 years old. People have already been asking.