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Smoove D -

I've been wanting to get my mitts on some Goose Island. You probably already know this, but Phin and Matt from Southern Tier worked at Goose Island for a while.

Alan -

Keeping in mind I am really a pimply faced 16 year old in rural Manitoba - no, I was not aware of that. But it does speak to their fine quality.

Knut -

Their IPA is actually available here in Norway, I think I'll pick up a few bottles for the weekend. I would love to try the rest of their range as well.

gr -

Alan, as you know, the wife and I met and married in Chicago, and know this brew well. Our last evening in Chicago before moving east was spent at the original brew pub, recent visits back to Chicago have included, naturally, plenty of pints.
A bit of history: it was an early micro brewery, as you say, but you should have seen what Goose Island was like (as a place) when they started. In the middle of the Chicago River (or one of those branches) Goose Island was an industrial no-mans land, just a couple of bridges and scrap yards and dumping sites and little factories. Not a vacation destination then, but probably cheap real estate at the time.

Michael Korbel -

During my last trip to Chicago I tried the Honkers Ale on draft, and I'd have to say it is one of the best lighter ales I've ever had. I recently moved to the pacific northwest and cannot find this beer anywhere here, even the stores with over a 1000 beer selection. Being from Traverse City Michigan, I'd have to say that this beer, along with Founders Cenntenial IPA and Pale Ale (from Grand Rapids MI) are my favorite brews from the midwest. Even with so many beers to choose from here, I still miss the good ol' midwest brews! I hope many more become available here in Portland Oregon.