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I rarely drink pilsner unless I am in the Czech Republic, where they know a thing or two about the style.

But I will drink Prima any chance I get. I just had my first bottle of the season last night. It is the best pilsner, in my opinion, brewed outside of the homeland of pilsner.

I have to say that I do detect variation from batch to batch, at least in the bottles that make it all the way across North America.

While this last remark has nothing to do with pilsner, Alan and Blork (and others) might enjoy my report of recent beer travels in Montreal (just click my URL). Cheers!

Alan -

Hey Professor. Here is the link to that beer travel tale of yours. I agree on Prima - it is a fine beer but just not my style. Or at least pilsners still remind me of North American macros enough that I do not crave them. What I probably need is the right food pairing and now that I think of it a good pile of sauerkraut (I am after all from Nova Scotia) and sausage would go nicely with it.


I never knew Nova Scotia was known for sauerkraut. Another reason to visit!

And, yes, Prima goes great with bratwurst and sauerkraut!

(Thanks for putting in the direct link to the post. The link I referred to is to the "beer" pages of my blog, and of course there will be--oops, make that "are already"--subsequent posts there).

I enjooy your blog. I'd blog about beer more often if you folks weren't already so good at it!

Alan -

Go'wan. Keep writing. It's not like you can run out of things to talk about beer!