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gr -

The wife and I are in love, with this beer. Being big fans of Pale ales, and IPAS, this is a little of both. It is my new ALL TIME FAVORITE BEER.
I am so glad we moved to NY state. What a load of good beer in this area.

Benny the RED -

The complexity of this ale exhudes the character and grace of ales found in the olde country.


It is my favorite ale of all time!!! Ale is my life!! Sometimes the wife and I drive up to Watertown from New York City and stay the weekend just for the Sackets!!! Its worth the trip!!!

Benny the RED -

You must try the ale accompanied by one of the specials by Jreck subs. It is truly sublime.

Alan -

Wow - I was sure you guys were some sort of spammer bots but you are both New Yorkers or at least your servers are.

Benny the RED -

Sir, when it comes to a fine ale such as this, one does not jest about it's stature.

Who-GottEN -

wow...my dad's been drinking these since our trip to the area in the late 90's... he was right.
I've tasted many a Pale Ale for somebody that's only twenty-three, but the color... pourability... THE SMELL!!! I wouldn't be surprised if I never buy Magic Hat again... (an obvioussly drastic overstatement)