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Donavan Hall -

A quick census of my beer cellar won't bare out the fact that I think I like pilsners, but I've always thought I did. I don't associate pilsner with American light lager at all. I had a number of very good pilsners on my beer tour through Pennsylvania back in March. Those Pennsylvanians know how to make good pilsner. I have one pilsner from Stoudt's, maybe I'll crack it open and do some tasting notes, but not tonight. I just had a glass of Rodenbach and want to savor that memory a little longer.

Knut -

There are splendid pilseners, but they are few and far between. The ones I like are usually from Germany. While here in Norway, there are probably a hundred pilensers available, but they are generally crap.

Evghenis -

Steamwhistle is the best of the Canadian pilseners I've tried, but there's tons of great Central European pilseners, particularly Czech. Kozel being the best I've had.

Joe -

I know it's odd to hear me touting Victory, but their Prima Pils is fantastic. If you find it, try it, or at least ship it to me.

Donavan Hall -

Alan's question inspired me to do some research. So yesterday, I went to one of my local tap joints and ordered a Brooklyn Pilsener and damn if it wasn't so good I had two. I usually order the Brooklyn Brown Ale, but you might see me drink straw colored lager more often from now on. Garrett Oliver knows what he's doing it seems.

Alan -

That is one of his I have never had - so next time I am south, will try to remember get it and do a side by side with Steam Whistle.

Knut -

Luckily I have a Brooklyn Pilsener in the fridge. Carslberg distributes them in Denmark, so I picked up a bottle on my last visit.

Michele Pridgen -

Last April, I had the pleasure of experincing Steam Whistle, while I was in Canada for Business. I found it to be very smooth and easy to swallow. However, I also stumbled upon Robert Simpson, a local brew, that I found to be very refreshing and perfectly blended! -Full bodied,definitely! One Problem, I cannot get into the United States! UGH!

bill -

pilsner is my favorite tasting beer, light, refreshing, tasty