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Chris -

This was the Biere of the Week over at Biere de Table last week.


I also did a story on the style.

Great biere for summer time and food pairing.

Alan -

Yet we Canadians are protected from it. Very tough to get an hand on any of the real one. I did try the Saranac version in one of their mixed packs come to think of it: http://beerblog.genx40.com/archives/2005/july/saranacvariety.

Todd -

Hopefully people had a chance to try the 'Skinny Light' from The Empire Brewing Co. (brewpub) in Syracuse before it closed a couple of years ago. They won the Kolsch category with that beer at the GABF three times.


Pootz -

I dunno about the "milky" tastes you gor from Kolsch Allan....maybe you were cleaning your palate with Bailey's at the time ;-)

Kolsch is a most delicate and understated ale that resembles a helles lager in appearance and in soft rounded character. It is Germany's hybrid Ale much as cream ale is for Canada.

The key to appreciating this style is to look for the delicate malting and subtle fruit tones ( app;e/cherry/pear) and crisp snap in the finish from attenuated nobels and light use of unmalted wheat.

Kolsch is one of the beer worlds high points in development of a drinkable yet well crafted ale. In Canada here we only have one commercial version and soon there will be one in your neck of the woods called Beau's tractor lug ale ( you can't call it Kolsch out of respect for the Kosch Konvention rights to that style name)
It's due to be in distribution in the Ottawa area mid August.

The Brewer asssures me it will be an authentic version of a Cologne Kolsch.

Alan -

Excellent! I didn't know tractor lug was a almost-non-kolsche. And hang me some slack on the yeast descriptions, eh. You can only do so much with what the language gives you.

Alan -

The Pootz-ter has had me all in a goggle for weeks since I mentioned the milk and malteser thing so I picked up another four coming back from the coast again at Tully's of Maine and I will be hornswaggled if there isn't a milkiness and a veritable dambusting of malteserosity. <p>Hmmm...there has to be another way to describe this. It is like cream and white pepper sauce with a slight skiff of asiago cheese and a hint of wild mushroom. I am <i>not</i> making that up. But sweetness surrounds it. And it is 2% of the overall taste the rest of which is...beer.