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Donavan Hall -

I've been trying to get in touch with the Butternuts guys ever since one of my Long Island beer spies spotted Chuck Williamson (maybe? not confirmed) of the old (now gone) Long Island Brewing Company in Jericho, New York doing grassroots promotion of Pork Slap and Heinnieweisse at the Sage Cafe (in Blue Point) last weekend. Since I haven't heard back from them (Butternuts), I don't know if they have distribution yet on Long Island. According to some posts on Pubcrawler, Chuck Williamson is behind/responsible for Butternuts. I wonder if Leo Bongiorno is involved. Does anyone know? Also, I like to get a hold of some cans of this stuff so I can try it too. Can anyone help?

Donavan Hall -

Quick follow-up. I just talked with Chuck Williamson on the phone. He gave me some names of Long Island retailers for Butternuts Beer, so I'll be collecting some Heinnieweisse and Pork Slap later today. And, yes, Leo Bongiorno is involved. The phone is a wonderful thing.

Bill -

A beer spy? I've been called much worse, but heck, I do spy and my spying is not limited to beer.

No one has their eyes open wider on The Island than I do, and when it comes to beer you’re the first person I think of.

Enjoy the Pork Slap. (Looking forward to having some myself this weekend.)

Alan -

Even though I crossed back here up north with 58 beer I always slap myself and think things like "Why the heck didn't I pick up six pork slap!?!?"

Donavan Hall -

Alan- Ya wanna work out a trade? I love my Porkslap, but if you have a couple of cans of Beefsmack or Pigeonkick, I'd Slap ya.

Bill- I never reveal my sources. BTW, you have a source for Butternuts beers where you're at. I had to get mine trucked out from Huntington Station.

Alan -

Alas, I am on the other side and trades do not work out so well. The best I can promise is a swap meet at a physical get together as long as the receipts for the customs officer is also swapped.

Bush Doctor -

I met some guys from Butternuts at TapNY, at Hunter Mtn. It taste good from the can but on draught, forget about it. I will be buying some this weekend. I will be buying less though because i just brewed a hefe that taste just as good.

gr -

Dammit, I went to Finger Lakes Brewing this am for pigslap and they were out!!!! I demanded they order more supplies before the natives get restless!!!!!!! (right, porkslap)

gr -

I did take their last Heinne to try. I had Wagner valley honey wheat last night, hea-ven-ly, and I loved this little beer too. Must be summer, isn't that wheat beer time? So cold and fresh....

Bob O'reilly -

just had some cold cans of the pork slap at this cool restaurant on Bell Blvd (40-11) in Bayside Queens, they not only have Pork Slap and HeinneWiesse (sp?) but have Keegan Ales Mother Milk on tap and Smuttynose, man can not believe a real beer place on bell blvd!!!

Alan -

Bob - you have reminded me that I need the Pork Slap when I travel south this weekend. Thank you.

gr -

The wife and I just had the last of the summer corn and the last of the Heinneweisse. It was a grand summer, and these 2 (the beer and the corn) were perfect together.

PEAR. I tasted spicy PEAR in this beer.
Ahh, summer...

Alan -

I shared a few of these with guests this weekend and am convinced this is a very fine ale. I am still not so certain with Porkslap but that may only be relative to this winner.

gr -

With Porkslap you get the pigs. If it was my brew I would toss in a few more hops. But t
hen it would taste like Sacket's Harbor Thousand Islands or Long Trail Ale, so leave out the extra hops. Maybe there was too much hype. It is just a simple upstate ale, I think....
Heine is special though.

Homer Simpson -

Well these two boobs screwed up again and they are out of business. BTW Leo has to move back with his Daddy Tom in Oak dale

Bob Thomas -

These guys have kicked their web site up a few notches and even got a video on youtube.com -

check out their progress at these links.


on the web site you just have to click to enter and see more pages

Ed Cruze -

trying to find out what hours the Butternuts Brewery in Garrattsville, NY is open to the public - no info on website and never answers the phone. please help.