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Smoove D -

I haven't tried it, not living in the UK and all, but it sounds like a waste of 10 million pounds to me. I'm sure they'll launch it in the US soon enough. I'll take one for the team and try it when it's available in the ATL.

Alan -

Wow. That is dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

Samuel Lui -

I would like to point out that the first commercialized Sub Zero Draught system (to the best of our knowledge) in the world was developed by icefloe Technologies (http://www.icefloe.com), the Drinks Dispense Group and Molson Canada. It was introduced in Canada by Molson for their Molson Canadian brand in the spring of 2005.

You can read more icefloe's Sub Zero Draft System here:

Brewers' cold war puts a chill into summer beer drinkers

How to Pour Sub-Zero Pints

Brewers Guardian – Righting the Ship

Knut -

Shame on you, icefloe. While quite a few English pubs could do with some better temperature control in their cellars during the summer, those of us who really enjoy beers will shun sub zero beers. But there's a sucker born every minute!

Samuel Lui -

Hey Knut, you'll also be pleasantly surprised to know that we've got another patented technology called In-Line Booster (http://www.icefloe.com/technology-for-better-draft-beer-dispensing.html) for on-premise use in the UK (we have a significant installed base in the UK). It essentially allows the english pubs to efficiently chill their beer to a respectable temperature (above zero). This technology is all under the bar and the big bonus is that it uses no power, generates no heat, makes no noise and is compact.

Alan -

Hey Samuel, I know we are giving you the gears but does your device allow for a range of temperatures? I do not really care if the lager lovers get their ice beer but can the same device also provide ales at 50F according to a line by line temperature setting?

Norm Price -

Ice crystals in beer? Kinda like...<p>[Ed.: no, it would not be like that but we would be happy to discuss advertising on A Good Beer Blog.]

Samuel Lui -

Hey Alan,

We've got an interesting development that's on going that will satisfy ale lovers.

Alan -

And that is?

Samuel Lui -

I can't give you details or specifics, but we are working on a device that will allow the establishment to set the temperature of the beverage (on a consistent basis) based on the type of beverage being dispensed (lagers, ales, bitters, etc).

Bennett -

Don't know if this is the correct place to ask, however I was in Canada this year and drank nothing but Molson Canadian. Does anyone know if it is possible to get it anywhere in the UK? Cheers

Dave -

The Maple Leaf Covent Garden sells Molson Canadian. Used to have Molson on Draft (An Excellent Beer) but this has now gone.