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Evghenis -

Interestingly, the Czech brewer, known in North America as Czechvar is actually called Budvar in Czech, which comes out as Budweisser in German (hence the lawsuit which resulted in it being called Czechvar). Maybe some conspiracy to replace the American crap with decent Czech beer could be thought up before July 9.

Alan -

Are you advocating covert keg swapping by key insiders?

Joe -

There are some things which strike me as such astonishingly bad ideas that I can't believe they're actually contemplated, much less implemented. Basic Instinct II was one; this is another.

Mike The Knife -

The Leviathan American brewers cannot simply throw money at a problem & make it go away- the problem (problems actually) being essentially that: 1) American Bud is Bad Beer. 2) It's made in America- the world hates America right now.
Even if we were to fill the stadiums w/ the cream of American Microbrews, they'd still hate it. There is/was no shortage of resentment toward AB regarding the legal wrangling w/ Eurodarlings Budvar. (a far superior product to US Bud)
The rest of the world just chuckles & shakes their collective heads @ the USA when American Beer is concerned- that amiable dismissiveness could/can/will change if & when a major US-based marketing blitz starts to crowd out local product. The world will vote w/ their wallets & the major US brewers will look pretty silly. Or maybe it's the impetus required for them to follow the lead of the rest of the world & the burgeoning Microbrew business into producing a potable alternative to the least-common-denominator liquid passed off as beer.
(This humble opinion coming from a former ex-pat Yank who spent a couple of years yanking suds behind a few bars in Germany.)

Evghenis -

Problem with "covert keg swapping" would be that the public would still assume the product on tap is the american crap. Perhaps a secretive word of mouth campaign regarding the keg swapping would work. But Budvar likely wouldn't want to let the Americans take the profits.