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gr -

Say 'porkslap' quickly seven times in a row and you might slip up and find yourself saying 'pigslop'. This is not pigslop.

Donavan Hall -

I also taste a hint of ginger in Porkslap. It's really thirst quenching and great for a hot day. Yesterday, I blew up my son's wading pool and filled it with water. While he splashed around, I reclined with a glass of Porkslap and was in pig heaven.

Alan -

Hey Donavan! Would you take anything from the note on the can that this is "farmhouse ale"? Is there anything in this that reminds you of saison or biere de garde for example? I am convinced that saison is a trendy style just waiting to take off.<p>And, by the way, now that I am lord of a manor again, I need your 4% saison recipe.

gr -

Alan, make it 'laird of the manor' for that authentic Norman/Anglo-saxon touch, or if you prefer: (and I know you do) that authentic Celtic-Scots touch.
The wife and I just slurped more Pork Slap, and Donovan, you got it right. It has remained HOT, but a cold one of these goes down perfectly. We talked amongst ourselves, saying 'you know, this is very flavorful in a balanced way, not too hoppy, malty, yeasty, but full of unique flavors, and really dark for a pale ale'. If I was a French Emperor, I would likely say 'let them drink PorkSlap'

Alan -

I am having my first porkslap and I like the comparison to Bass. There is also an odd spice note that keeps bringing me back to the word cumin. On the nose there is also almost a quinine note, like tonic water.

Alan -

Porkslap in the New York Times:<blockquote class="smalltext">There’s a host of anonymous industrial pilsners on tap and, for half their price, $3 cans of beer from Butternuts Beer & Ale, a brewery in upstate New York. Its malty Porkslap Pale Ale features two cartoon pigs about to belly-slap on the front of the can. The sour Heinnieweisse wheat beer does a good job of cutting through the richness of the burger.</blockquote>

kelly -

We love Porkslap! YUM!

christopher osburn -

The beer buddies love porkslap as well! Actually our next column will be about porkslap and Heinnieweisse. The Old Toad here in rochester usually has a few cans of it and it is available at beers of the world. I'm excited to buy some tomorrow and write about it...and of course drink it!

Alan -

Hail the Beer Buddies!

christopher Osburn -

Here's the column on butternuts that came out today.

WB -

pork slap.. just the name is lovely.. bierkraft in park slope has it... i'm getting some and that's that. cheers!