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Paul -

Can't wait for your thoughts on the Mojo. I tried this big 6.8% IPA at the Empire and have some strong opinions on it.

Alan -

You go first.

Baba Beer -

Hey Alan, Baba here, your old friend from Beerrag.com, just wanted to say hello. Looks like you have maintained your great beer blog better the folks at Beerrag! Anyways I just wanted to say hello, trying to get back into the beerblog scene, I promise you will be hearing more from me again, keep up the great work! BTW that Southern Tier IPA is damn good stuff!!!

Alan -

That is Babariffic news. Get blogging!

automator -

I'm pretty sure the Rogue Seahore Pale is a regular brew, since I've never had a problem getting it in Oregon. But it's a bit odd that not even Rogue's site lists it.

Paul -

Okay, here's my take on Mojo for what it's worth;

Gotta love that name. Memories of those little half a cent chewy candies back in Montreal. Crazy hokey 1969 psychadelic artwork on the bottle. Beautiful deep golden colour out of the bottle, moderate to slight head (less than I would have expected given other reviews I've read). Wonderful smell of dried fruit (citrus peels) and spice from the goblet. Tasting brings out the spice, malt and hoppiness and subdues the fruit. Very hoppy. The 6.8% is well camoflaged by the spicy hoppiness - not boozy at all. A super IPA that really blooms flavour as it is held in the mouth.

Probably not a beer that you want to use to introduce the mega-brew drinker to the craft genre - too much too soon.

Definitely worthy of the "what beer to take if stranded on a desert island" award in my books. Yumm. Goes well with a baguette and bowl of hummus.

paul -

Weedy green hoppiness - that's perfect.

Alan -

There is a sort of hoppiness in some US IPAs that is just like the taste of pushing a big gas lawn mower into a ditch full of weeds splattering you and your face with cream of weed.