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Smoove D -

I try and avoid consuming beer at bars in Atlanta because it's too expensive. Most places charge at least $5.00 for a bottle of decent beer. At the liquor store, I can buy a whole six pack for only $2.00 more, a much better deal. Also, with the exception of a few bars (e.g. Taco Mac, the Brick Store Pub) the selection is terrible.

Alan -

In 1991 I was in a place in Ausable Fall, NY (maybe called the "Route 47"?) that was basically three guys and a counter with everyone watching a John Wayne movie on TV drinking two-buck cans of Bud. I think that is what has disappeared.

Dave S -

The good old bar daze are gone. The easily pleased go to various TGI McFunsters (apologies to Anthony Bourdain), neighborhood bars have succumbed to the age of their patrons, (and DWI enforcement), and, as Smoove D said, absent other reasons, it's cheaper to have your drink of choice at home. (Smoove D: Is the $3 Cafe/Halftime chain in Atlanta dead or alive? The Windy Hill location was so dead I didn't bother to go in when I was in Atlanta in April).

Which leaves room for another type of joint, (which always existed, reborn now), serving good drink and food, and that may well be convivial enough that you'd want go there to enjoy yourself, not to kill some braincells.

I had a good beer and sandwich at Clarks Ale House here in Syracuse this afternoon. These days aren't THAT bad.

Alan: I agree with what you said. But if you're a a barbargain hunter be advised $2 cans of Bud are still achievable, I can get $2.25 bottles of Sludgeweiser even now.

Amy -

Hi Beer Lovers,

Im from country australia and am writing a university paper on the dissapearance of the australian country pub, if anyone has anything to add i would be ever so grateful, and does anyone know the source of those pub statistics?