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Greg Clow -

Filson has actually been writing about beer in the Star for more than three months. It just that the website only seems to archive stuff that far back.

Alan -

Ahhh! What is the benefit of the Star doing that I wonder?

Greg Clow -

Limiting the archive, you mean? I dunno. I think that they charge a fee for accessing older news articles, but I can't imagine they would bother to do so for entertainment & lifestyle columns.

Lars Marius Garshol -

Really great news that The Toronto Star is doing this! And, yes, if the columnist says a beer is boring s/he must be on to something.

Makes me wonder, though, what possesses chains like LCBO and the Finnish Alko to choose the Monty Python beer from the Black Sheep range. The Riggwelter and the Black Sheep Ale are just fantastic beers, while the MP is (as you say) boring. Maybe Black Sheep should just quietly start putting Black Sheep Ale in those bottles instead? People who buy it for the label get a better beer, and people who want good beer get a better beer. Hard to see how anyone would lose, really.