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Greg Clow -

Glenora is notorious for having infection problems with their beers. I had bottles of their lager and Triple Chin ale a couple of months ago that had been purchased at the brewery by a friend just a few weeks before, and both of them were infected to the point of being undrinkable. It's a shame that these beers may end up being someone's first exposure to craft beer...

On another note - I've recently taken over the role of News Editor at The Bar Towel, and I may be borrowing announcements about new beers, etc. from your blog for the news page there (with appropriate credit & links, of course).

Alan -

Hey Greg! That is good news on your taking on the news editor role. Link away.<p>I think your first comment hits on what I thought, too. As a lapsed homebrewer I knew the symptoms as soon as the glass came near my nose. More that 600 ml went down the sink. How can the LCBO sell the stuff?

Greg Clow -

Unless the LCBO gets a large number of returns, I doubt they'll even know (or care) about the infection issue. You should've re-capped your bottle and brought it back - I've done it before with skunky beers and got a refund.

Alan -

Good point. It is all rather depressing in a way when you think about the process gone wrong.

Alan -

Good to note what Greg noted at Bar Towel:<blockquote class="smalltext">Changes have also been made at Glenora Springs, a small Picton brewery that has had quality control issues in the past. They recently had Doug Pengelly of Ste. Andre in to help them refine their brewing process, and they've added some new equipment to their facility as well, with the end result being a much more stable product. Retail availability of their beers in the Toronto area is currently limited to the Dufferin & Wilson LCBO, but they are hoping to have their McKinneys Triple Chin Irish Dark Ale and Red Coat Pale Ale available in more locations soon.</blockquote>