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John -

Very Unique. Starts like an Imperial Stout, ends like a Scotch Ale. Definitely 5 Stars.

Laurence -

Eye: Looks just like used oil; dark brown and opaque; small head; gentle effervescence
Nose: Nice balance of hops and malt; hint of meatiness as in Vegemite
Mouth: Sweet from start to finish; silky smooth; hoppy; mild bitter finish
Verdict: Maybe some fraud between the name and the nature. Not the rugged, heavy strong brew only for seasoned male drinkers, but instead its easy drinkability should appeal to ladies if they get past the name and the colour. It deserves its award. I would defifnitely buy it again

Jim -

Looks like I just changed the oil in my 1934 Pontiac ! My sons and I love it we are always looking for a cold frosty mug

tim hooker -

Had your beer while in Londen last year i rember it as a very good beer. Now that iam back in the states would like to get some for my family. I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana need to know how i can order this beer. Or if there is a place in reagen that sells it. Thanks .