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The Unabrewer -

Weyerbacher has definitely improved since I found them in 1997. I tried the ESB, and found it heavy with banana ester flavor. At least I think it was banana. That's been a while.

On a positive memory note, some of my earliest homebrew batches were bottled in their bottles, because the labels were easily removed.

Also in the PA camp is Troeg's, who has really churned out some quality brews in the past few years. Throw in regionally available Dogfish Head to the south in Delaware, and SE PA is a nice place to be beerwise.

Adam -

I think I need to revisit Weyerbacher's selection :-) I know I've had most if not all of them, but, I can't remember.

Bryan -

For as much as I value BA for their incredible wealth of info and data regarding beer, places, and styles, IMHO many of the reviewers/members would criticize holy water from the almighty J.C. himself. They tend to be full of themselves and get so carried away with their flowery language about how a beer tastes, that their opinions often don't hold a lot of value to me. Of course, that's just a portion of the population there, obviously not everyone.

phew, where did that come from?! Anyway, nice write-up above. I'm a fan of Weyerbacher's brews (maybe with the exception of the Autumnfest...I agree that it's lacking "something") and would put them up with other regional favorites like Victory, Stoudt's, Dogfish Head, Sly Fox, Southampton Publick House, Heavyweight, Brooklyn, and Bethlehem Brew Works. But, you're correct that Pennsylvania is quite blessed with high quality breweries, stores, and beer bars.