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Scott Perry -

One of my friend, who works on semi-regularly in Kingston, mentioned your blog to me and I'm quite impressed - it's very comprehensive.

While generally I'm not a fan of North American fruit beers, which seem too often to be made with concentrates, as opposed to Lambics and Krieks, I did enjoy this Passion Fruit beer from Heritage. It was a little sweet - and didn't really fit my preferred European fruit beer bent which Ilike because of their bitterness, it did have a distinctly passionfruit flavour to it. In the last 3 days - in which I've had one each night - it has served nicely as an apperatif. It's nice that it's seasonal so we won't get it too often. I did write a little piece on my blog last summer on a Quebec beer - Coup de Grace (a Buckwheat and Coriander beer) - only becsue it seemd to have a tenuous food link.

Now, on to more serious beers - have you tried the IPA from the Scotch Irish Brewing Company in Fitzroy Harbour (outside of Ottawa) of all places. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite beers - nice and bitter - right up there with the Liberty Ale and Sierra Nevada.

Alan -

Hi Scott,

I made a post about that loverly brew last year. I wish they would bottle more as I have yet to find the time and opportunity to get to a bar up in Ottawa and have them on tap. I like the chewiness of the hops and would prefer it to Sierra Nevada but not quite up to Ithaca Flower Power, my favorite hopchew from the Lake Ontario drainage system.