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sgunner -

twas cleaning around my workbench the other day and found a lonely bottle of Leffe blonde hidden behind the gunpowder and was about to toss it out when I read this thread. Exp. date says '03 - the workshop is fairly cool and mostly dark. Is this bottle ok to drink? Cheers, SG

Alan -

I think that is a 6.5% and if it was really hidden in the dark you likely have a well time-enriched example there. Certainly worth the effort to pop it and see.

Wenonah O'Mooney -

I left some Heineken on my back porch for..oh, a week. It was still in the box so i thought it would be fine...ive opened a few bottles and they're skunked. Is skunked beer still ok to drink? I may not want to, obviously, but I was just wondering!

Knut -

Don't. Drink good beer instead!

joan -

I'm not a beer drinker, but I entertain those who embibe. How old can beer be before it's

nasty? How do I interpret the date on the bottle or can?

I hope somwone can help me. thanks, joan

Alan -

Generally with real ales the higher the alcohol the longer the shelf life. Many beers in the 8% to 10% range last for years. Under 5% you are talking months. Macro-chemi-beer with the sorts of ingredients undertakers use are a different question all together.

Erik -

Although old or improperly stored beer may smell and taste like shit, they are not harmful.

Mike -

I just Bought a Case of Becks with an experation date of 5/08 the whole case seems like it has an off taste.. should I: commit suicide, or return the unused portion for a refund?

jominolin -

lol just kiddin man, shud be good, but budweisers better than becks is anyday.

Ryan Kempe -

Here's an interesting video on skunked beer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlnVdPK0WkU&feature=player_embedded