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Neil -

I agree this is a fantastic fruity beer. I've tried a few alternatives but am yet to find one as good as this.

If you appreciate it too, join our group at http://groups.myspace.com/fruli

Alan -

And I thought I had a niche interest.

Neil Smith -

In fact we love it that much we have started a website about it... Join the fruli revolution at www.frulibeer.com.

Lets get fruity!

Alan -

I saw a stash of it at the LCBO in Kingston yesterday, too.

CaroleBersantie -

I dont care what colour it is or what percentage it is,all that interests meis the fgact that ilove it!!! I have never seen it for sale other than in retaurants though, doesanyone know where i can purchase some please. Caz x

Tim -

Love the stuff - but haven't tried the bottles yet... which are available from www.beersofeurope.co.uk

Dan -

You will soon be able to buy it from the unofficial fruli site, http://www.frulibeer.com - please sign up to the newsletter to hear about the information first!

On the site, you'll also be able to find where sells fruli, see fruli trails and be able to share your appreciation of your favourite strawberry fruit beer!

Mike Coats -

We really need it available to us in the States. Right now there's no answer but to either order a case by freigh from Toronto (about 20x more expensive than buying it IN toronto I think) or to pack extra bottles in your bags after a trip to London.
I don't trust unscrupulous customs agents at the airport not to go through my bags and confiscate it for themselves, so I regret that I didn't bring back a few bottles from last UK trip.

sigh. missing the fruli

Stonch -

Yes, this stuff is very frequently seen in London pubs, and has been around for a while now. When I first introduced my ex-girlfriend to beer, she like Fruli, but soon discovered the delights of proper Belgian fruit beers like those from Liefmans. Fruli's not one I rate, but it's a fun beer that helps people understand the diversity that's out there in the beer world.

Knut Albert -

Maybe I'm old and grumpy, but I feel this disgustingly sweet beverage belongs in the alcopop end of the market. I had an even nastier dayglo green Cactus beer the last time I was in Brussels. Having one (good) beer too many earlier in the evening had clouded my judgement, but my taste buds jolted me awake!

Jakeyfox -

Man, that was disgusting - fizzy, way too sweet and ridiculously expensive £3.80 a pint in a slug and lettuce. A friend and I had it as our first beer of the night and we instantly felt quite ill. It wasn't until a couple of hours later and a few more pints of proper beer that we felt better, fruli nearly ruined my night! ITS NOT RIGHT!

Phil -


Thanks for the blog post, Fruli is alive and well, brewing more than ever and shipping it further and further afield - it's been available in Canada through liquor store chain, and available from Paulana USA for a couple of years.

We're still using massive amounts of Strawberry juice, as we always have and will carry on for as long as people still love this beer.

Just a quick note, we have a new official site http://fruli.be - all the fan sites, and dodgy URL's are falling away - we really want our customers to be able to get to the right source of info, which will be at the site above as well as the Facebook Page http://facebook.com/frulibeer.

Thanks again Alan for the post, and everyone for your comments.

all of us at Fruli.

Eileen -

Does anyone know the carb. count?

Janice Rowlison -

Fruli is the best beer that I have ever had! So refreshing! I can't wait to find a local store to buy it in! I love it!