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Evghenis -

I tried Hobgoblin just last month. Also impressed. Not sure if I'd call it "raisiny" though. Curious if you've tried the Black Wytch stout by Wychwood. I haven't yet, but I'm looking to broaden my stout horizons beyond Guinness.

Alan -

Hi Evghenis. By raisiny I mean a note that is created by a medium to dark sort of crystal malt. It is very close to the flavour of grape-nuts cereal but dry fruitier. When I used to homebrew, I chewed the stuff non-stop. It also has toffee. It would be good to do a side by side of Hobgoblin and Charles Wells Bombardier. Remember, there is also the trouble that you always face describing taste in that there are elements that we each arrange in our minds to create a taste. it is quite valid to rearrange the elements differently.

Wychwood's Black Wych is not really so much a stout for me as my recollection is that it is more like a pale ale with black malt giving colour and roastiness but not the body of a stout.

If you a stout fan do two things. Go to Maine which is the land of stout micro brewing> You seem to be in the Maritimes: get ye to BaaHaaBaa especially. Then, pray to the gods of your choice that someday you will have a Freeminer Deep Shaft Stout.

Evghenis -

I'll see what I can do on that one. Also, I read some good reviews of Wellington Brewery's Imperial Stout, and St. Ambroise's Oatmeal stout... any comment?

Alan -

I don't have the Wellington but I know I reviewed the St. Ambrose here. It is on tap at the Kingston Brew Pub and a favorite. Good and thick.

Hypnoid -

I'm surprised you didn't mention the label-this is the bestest Halloween beer ever. The contents of the bottle are also most enjoyable, though, and I drink this throughout the year. Also enjoy the Black Wych, but haven't yet found any of their others available in Canada

redbarron -

I am trying hobgoblin for my first time and wanted to know if it was worth buying?what kind of buzz is it?

paul -

Haven't found anywhere to buy Black Wytch yet, but can highly recommended Marston's Oyster Stout, freely available via Morrisons and Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout. Enjoy.

Stengal -

The buzz is quick-setting, and fairly similar to Kilkenny or Guiness. It comes and leaves a bit too quickly, but pulls the corners of the mouth up towards the eyes.

The buzz is suitable for food, fishing, or any other activity where you don't need it to last much longer than an hour per beer. That being said, this beer is one of my favorites.

josh walsh -

i had hobgoblin the other day because i seen it at the store and it looked funny, i would name it the worst beer ive ever drank, and being 19 sure, theres alot of beers i havent yet tried but hobgoblin is definetly the worst ive ever had

TheJoeReview -

Just tried this one & really enjoyed it. My wife even liked it and she is not into brews.


Bob -

Just cracked my first Hobgoblin today....have had it in the fridge for sometime now, waiting for a special day! Happy St.Patty's day!! This is a very good stout!! Can't wait for another!