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Anthony -

Nice words from Neustadt 10W30 describing this delicious dark beer. I have tried many and this is one of my top 5 beers period. Lots of flavour and I love the distinctive taste. Try it and I think you'll buy it again. I also enjoy Hockley Gold, another good beer that I purchase when I visit the local LCBO (not that I am there a lot or anything eh).

Adam -

I must say, at first taste this is one of the best beers I've tried. I've been looking for something similar to Stonehammer Dark Ale (which cannot be bought at the Beer Store, or LCBO...ahem!), and thought I may have found an available beer that suited my taste buds.

I've tried Hockley a number of times since, and have to admit the taste is wearing me a bit thin. The water definetely could be a bit softer, and consequently its a bit syrupy. The alcohol definetely jumps out at, which could be softened a bit.

Despite the strong taste and slightly thin malt, this beer is worth a try. For lovers of dark beer, you need to adventure out sometimes to find your suit...and this one might be it!

Stephen Hockley -

Ive tried Hockley beer on several occassions , first was at a Hockley corn roast summer of 06. I enjoy the strong taste but the malt was a little thin. Out of the two hockley beers that they offer i would say i perfer the amber beer most. And lastly i would say that overall Hockley has lived up to its name HOCKLEY.

Peter a Hockley Dark Lover -

Hockley Dark is one of the best beers I have ever tried. It is a distinctively Canadian dark ale, and it is better than Guinness. For a refresshing, full flavoured, ice cold, dark ale, without the heavy stomach, try Hockley Dark. Definately a boy-beer!

Does anybody know where one can buy it on Ottawa?

Joe Meloche -

I have purchased this beer several times and enjoy the taste. But I've only been able to purchase the beer when we are on vacation in the North. I am from the Windsor area and I am having a hard time finding an LCBO that carries this brand. If someone knows a place to purchase this close to me please let me know.

Alan -

A quick search of the LCBO webstite shows 24 cans at this one store near you:<blockquote>WINDSOR 3165 HOWARD AVENUE

ron starkey -

great beer black&tan porters lake n.s sent more too my house 6 chevoit hill rd porters lake b3e 1k1 haha ps I tested many dark beer but hockley dark is the best great job