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Grant Goodes -

Yes, Aventinus is one of the reasons I can't say I hate German
beer (though I sometimes suspect that it's secretly brewed in
Belgium..). It's also VERY good on draught if you can find it.
I used to get it in Copenhagen in a little bar called Charlie's.
In bottles, there's a nice serving trick you can do with it
(though it takes a little practice): Swirl the bottle (to get
the yeast sediment suspended), and directly upend the bottle
into the "proper" glass (the Schneider glasses are tall, and
the bottle fits into the glass perfectly). The bottle will
empty until reaching the neck, at which point you slowly lift
the bottle to carefully drain. You can control the amount of
foam, and should be able to end up by lifting the bottle high
into the air to drain the last of the thick foam in a
contiuous stream. Careful, though, I've seen slightly too-warm
beer result in a quickly over-flowing mess.

john -

The Bier Garden in Portsmouth VA sells a great deal of this stuff on tap. It's their best seller. (And you cannot get a Bud.)

That is one distinctive beer.

Jon Tower -

I googled, "Aventinus proper glass," just before I poured my first bottle of this (I had it at Shallo's in Indianapolis once, but didn't see the pour and wondered if he had poured it in the proper glass, it was a pils). So this page came up, and I'm ever thankful for the beer community. What...a...beer. IT's so borderline Belgium, and I think it's intriguing the choice of glass is the tall, full bottle glass (which I prefer) instead of the stem-glass typically served with a beer such as this.