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tduchesne -

Yeah I agree with your comments, even fresh I don't think I have ever been the biggest fan of Dixie Brewing company. One of the better Abita's though in my opinion is the new Mardi Gras brew that they have released down here (Houston). Not sure if it makes it up there or not, but it's worth a try.

Donavan Hall -

Last night at our "Spanish Town" Mardi Gras party, the Voodoo Lager moved pretty well. Those who tried it preferred the Blackened to the Crimson. I had Abita Turbodog, Amber, and Purple Haze too. I would love to get a hold of a six of Bock, but haven't sent it up here yet.

Jay Brooks -

Actually, the Dixie Brewery in New Orleans was closed several months before last year's flood and the beer has been brewed on a contract basis in San Antonio, Texas ever since. The Craft Brewers Conference was in New Orleans something like three years ago and I had a chance to visit the brewery then. It was one of the dirtiest, unkempt breweries I've ever been to. It's a wonder they ever got any clean beer out of it. But they seem to be very quiet about the move, instead hoping for Katrina sympathy since the building itself was pretty badly damaged.

William Wright -

Please, Please can anyone tell me where I can get any Dixie Beer! I need a fix! I'm 55 years old and have been drinking it since I was 12. In qts with my friends for .25 cents a bottle. I bought as much as I could find right after the storm but can find it no longer so now I trun to you, John Q. Public for help. If anyone can help please email me at wmrwright@bellsouth.net and you will have made a friend for life. I promiss I will pray for you. Thanks, William Wright

William Wright -

Hey Jay Brooks, Get your facts stright knucklehead!! I am good friends with the brew master Kevin and was at the brewery all the time. They were brewing Dixie Beer on Tulane Ave. New Orleans right up until the storm. NOT IN TX. And about the brewery being dirty. Don't even think you know New Orleans if you didn't grow up here. Just cause y'all come here and like getting drunk and listening to some tunes here you think you know all about New Orleans. You don't! Not even a little! Have you ever seen the back of some of the best restaurants in your town? You might start to get off your fucking high horse. So until you can walk the walk keep drinking your Bud! Or is it some fancy fucking Euro Beer!! You are such a cool beer man dude!

Alan -

Be of peace, William. We may be able to find you your beer. Where are you located? It will be a matter of finding the distributor near you.

Frank Gibbons -

I am sorry to see harsh words written about the Dixie Brewing Company. It may not be the showplace of an Anheuser-Busch brewery that they route tourists through, but Dixie brews the real deal. The big problem is that since so many people drink A-B, Miller, Coors, etc. products that Dixie doesn't have the money to turn the brewery into a showplace.

The place can't be unsanitary, or the Health Department would have closed them down.

As for contract brewing, it has more to do with keeping shelf space than anything else. Does the contract brewed stuff taste the same as the original? Of course not. To not sell brew at all is suicide.

As for me, I keep tabs on the stores that sell the beer fresh, and stock up when a new batch comes in. It is true that a lot of Dixie on store shelves is past its prime. People who don't know beer will eventually buy it. The experts already know how to get fresh beer, wherever they may live in the USA.

Jay Brooks -

Geez, William, simmer down. Did I insult you personally? What I wrote was told to me by a very reliable source, and he was pretty pissed when he told me about it. If he got it wrong, I'm sorry about that. Thanks for correcting it but what's with the personal attack? As for the state of the brewery when I was there, ask any brewer who took the tour that week. It's all people were talking about for the next couple of days. Most were very shocked, too. I'm sorry it doesn't fit with your worldview where New Orleans is obviously the center of the universe but that's just the way it goes. And Frank, I didn't mean to sound harsh, I was just relating the facts as I knew them at the time and trying to further the dialogue. Let no good deed go unpunished, I guess. Oh, and I assume you're not so naive as to believe the health department really closes down every place it should? Well, gotta run, it's hard to type from the top of my very tall horse.

Donavan -

I typically avoid saying negative things about breweries so I didn't mention it in my original post, but I can confirm that Jay Brooks's statements concerning the cleanliness of the brewery in question are not unfounded. My information is over five years old though.

WarrenJ -

I am personally acquainted with the owner and the brewmaster, though I lost track of them after the hurricane. Here's some skinny: Just before the hurricane, they not only were making beer at the original location, but were talking of purchasing property behind the site for the actual brewing and were looking for investors to convert the original into a tourist attraction, a brew pub, and a nightclub. Things were rolling until Tulane Ave got 15 ft of water from Katrina. This destroyed their warehouse stock but the brewing always took place upstairs, which was intact. I was told by a friend of the owner that they are currently brewing by contract since the hurricane in Colorado, but I have not confirmed that with the big wigs themselves. When I hear for sure, I'll let you know.

As far as the unique flavor, it comes from the 100 year old cyprus kegs that they still use in the process. Granted, if you get it outside of high volume sales areas, it may be skunked. But typically it DOES taste different from other beers because it's the wood you taste that gives it a kind of sweeter, aged, tobacco/juniper infusion. It's not for everyone, like chicory in New Orleans coffee. But for many, it becomes addictive, and makes all other beers BORING. It is the only American brewery that still uses wooden barrels (places like Bud add wood chips to their steel tanks). Dixie is the last surviving true American Brewery, and is part of the SOUL of New Orleans. NOTHING pairs better with boiled crawfish.

Yes Jay, people take their Dixie VERY personally. Nothing personal to you. If Dixie becomes extinct, it will be a great loss.

Abita is good beer, but there is absolutely nothing unique about it as far as speciality "microbrews" are concerned. All across the country, similar places like New Belgium, Schlafley's, and Boulevard sell similar if not superior products. Abita always had the capital to market better than Dixie did. And if you don't think it matters, look at the resurgance of PABST for chrissake after it started marketing to hipsters. Dixie has survived prohibition and the deadly 60's-thru-80's era of "if it's from a local brewery and you drink that stuff your father did, you're a gutter-water drinking redneck" that killed or absorbed so many independent brewers like Stag. And it did so purely on its own merit, mystique, and word of mouth.

As far as being dirty, it actually isn't--just very old and in dire need for cosmetics. We need to support small, historical business like this, because in this era of mass-production and corporate merger, a consumer's individual taste becomes obsolete. Nowhere is this more apparent now that my beer drinking is limited to everything else other than Dixie... that is, until they come back, and they will.

William, I live in Illinois now and I've bought cases of it from various larger liquor stores out here, but they all say it's their last shipment. Keep looking. Let me know if you find any, and I'll do the same.

Donavan Hall -

Hey, thanks for the information Warren. What I might have detected in my tasting is the flavors from the cyprus kegs. That's totally cool they are using cyprus. I totally agree that we need to support breweries like Dixie. It's unfortunate that there is this question of the brewery's cleanliness. What is true that that there is this perception in the craft brewing community and it started a number of years ago after several professional brewers toured Dixie (approximately five years ago). I talked to one of the brewers that went on a tour and he had the same story that Jay related. I'll tell you what. I'll fly down to New Orleans myself, tour the brewery, then write about it. That ought to set the record straight. Cyprus barrels, cool!

Nouvelle-Orleanien -

The 1907 Dixie Brewery building is a city landmark, an elegant six-storey brewhouse that towers over the live oaks and shotgun houses of New Orleans. As mentioned here by others, the brewery's cypress-wood barrels are unique, and impart unusual tones to the brews.

Although I am not a particular fan of their title brew, the Blackened Voodoo lager is (was) an enjoyable Muenchner dunkel. Its mild sweetness, hints of caramel, and dark auburn color made it a very nice example of this underappreciated style. Krusovice, of the Czech Republic, is the only one of this type that I would call unequivocally better, and try finding that Stateside. Warsteiner? Dinkel Acker? Not even close. But freshness is (was) key-- get an old one, and you'll wonder who would drink the stuff. This is complicated by the lack of freshness dates, but then that's just another good reason to move to New Orleans, isn't it?

Here's an interesting article on Dixie from our local paper, the Times-Picayune:


Let's hope the city comes back, and Dixie Brewing along with it.

david jackson -

Does anyone know if Dixie is coming back or is being contracted out? It's crawfish season and it sucks not to have a dixie to wash them down.

Donavan Hall -

I still have two bottles of Crimson Voodoo. If you send me some crawfish, I'll send you the beer. Deal?

Brian -

I live in California, where it's tough under any conditions to get hold of my beloved Dixie Lager. When Katrina hit, I immediately went to our local Beverages & More (a great beer/wine/liquor chain in the West) and bought their remaining stock of Dixie. They haven't received any shipments since, and I was told my their beer manager about an hour ago that he was told Dixie has ceased operations. Please, someone, give me some info that confirms this is not the case. Thanks!

brian -

Oh, and please respond to my email address. Thanks.

ken -

Ya'll might be interested in this interview: http://www.npr.org./templates/story/story.php?storyId=5447793

Chris Meyer -

I too am sorry to hear bad things being said about Dixie Brewing. I'm sitting in Louisville Ky, wishing I could find a fresh Blackened Voodoo. Louisville has many fine beers, one in particular by the Blue Grass Brewing Company which is a Bourbon Barrel beer, it is fantastic. Abita, ugh not so good, maybe the beer snobs like it better but Voodoo is good stuff. Sounds like some of the folks from NOLA don't know a good thing when they have it. We had a couple of small breweries here, Falls City Brewing, Oertles 92, they made some darn good beer but the Louisvillians never appreciated them, and they went the way of other regional or local brewers. Too bad, for those of you that like the flavorless stuff sold by ads on race cars and ball clubs keep drinking your Bud or Lite. I prefer something with flavor and complexity. I'm not interested in quantity I will enjoy a few Blackened Voodoos you guys can pour down your Bush.

If anyone can help me locate a fresh supplier near Louisville, Ky. I would be enternally greatful. Good luck Dixie and the people of New Orleans I love your beer, your town and your friendly disposition.

dw lockahrt -

i agree dixie blackend voodoo lager is a treat when compaired to the local tap water beers of the us with their low ach volume. a Muenchner dunkel not quite the same but a good start and older then most modern swill makers. I say this with a little backround as my uncle on my mothers side was a brewmaster for dortmunder beer in germany, you know the birthplace good lager. It is a shame that most americans do not know the true taste of a good lager, since most of the good stuff is not put out for export. Those of us that have been lucky enough to serve overseas have been treated to some of the best that our host countries could offer. too bad we as a people shed the past and what it has to offer. Some of the older breweries had a product with taste unlike some of the newer watered down varieties, hey ever have a okeef's extra old stock...? or maybe a two rivers, how about a carlsburg... or Carlings black label? all good beers produced in Canada and all are major brewerys with more taste and alchol volume then most us beers. anyhow a little off topic.

Alan -

No problem. I don't know what Two Rivers is but I used to get O'Keefe Old Stock in Nova Scotia. Molson's still makes a stock but there isn't much to it any more. Look for Churck-key's Northumberland Ale or Mill Street Stock Ale for some old time big malt Canadian pale ales.

Nola resident -

Dixie is being brewed in limited amounts by a micro brewer on the North Shore of Lake Ponchartrain. It is available (at least) in the Fresh Market in Covington, LA, in the original, and the voodoo.

Most of the information above about the physical plant isn't accurate. The facility was completely destroyed by Katrina, and what wasn't destroyed was carried off by looters and salvagers. The original brewhouse is home to a number of squatters / homeless. To this day, the building is not secured.

Patrick Thompson -

I can confirm that Heiner Brau in Covington in brewing Dixie. I had one last night at my sister-in-law's. It's close, but not exactly the same, as the original. I think contracting it like this will at least give the brand an opportunity to survive, and I'm glad for that.

Donavan -

Thanks for the update on the original brewery and the current efforts to brew Dixie in Covington. First I've heard of Heiner Brau. I appreciate the tip.

Joseph Philastre -

Gentlemen, you are aware that the Dixie Brewery flooded much like the rest of my beloved city. this means that the bottle of Blackened Voodoo the Mr. Donovan had was at least a year old. The operations were cut off for a year, they are however back. I agree that Dixie's traditional lager leaves much to be desire, however, a fresh bottle of Blackened Voodoo is superior to Abita's Turbo Dog, a good beer in it's own right.

Vive la Nouville Orleans,
Joseph Philastre

SallyA -

Hey, I'm a NOLA native living in the DC area. With the Saints playoff game (!!) coming up I would kill to find some Dixie, *any* Dixie, but it sounds like I'm out of luck. Harris Teeter does carry Abita. Locals, please keep this thread alive so we expats can keep up to date on the brewery's status. I hope to finally make it home sometime this year. God bless.

J. Adkins -

I'm a Chicago resident who briefly lived in New Orleans and l can confirm the Dec. 9th NOLA residents post that stated that "Most of the information above about the physical plant isn't accurate. The facility was completely destroyed by Katrina, and what wasn't destroyed was carried off by looters and salvagers. The original brewhouse is home to a number of squatters/homeless. To this day, the building is not secured" as well as that any beer Mr. Donavan (the starter of this thread) tasted in February 2006 must have been over a year old.
As to Mr. J. Brooks I can't imagine why anyone would take offense when you write untrue and meanspirited things about their recently destroyed home town's favorite beer (perhaps they were expecting some "Katrina Sympathy")? Clop Clop.
I'm not sure cleanliness is neccesary for the entirety of a brewery as long as the ingredients are pest free and the brew tanks and barrels are clean. Have you ever been to the Corona plant? I don't think Dixie was in danger
from health inspectors.
As to the beer that Dixie Brewed there is no doubt that the original Dixie Lager was a good but not particularly interesting beer, but Blackened Voodoo when purchased fresh was one of the best and most unique beers in America. I hope that Heiner Brau is succesful in it's efforts to keep the brand around and that the owners find a way to build another brewery and bring Dixie back as New Orleans is coming back.
Go Saints!!! Go Bears!!! I don't know what I will do next week if they both win and play each other, but at least I know I will be happy that one of them is going to the Super Bowl. Perhaps I can get Blackened Voodoo shipped to my Super Bowl Party!

Norm L -

I just bought a 6-pack of Dixie ($6) and one of Blackened Voodoo ($8)at Fresh Market in Mandeville, LA. If you have a FM in your area you may get them to order some. I will check out the micro brewery and maybe find out who the distributors are.

The statements about the brewery are not entirely true. My son worked at Nicks Bar across the street from the Dixie Brewery for 8 years and got several tours. One late (and probably not so sober) night, he and several friends rapelled down the side of the brewery. I got a personal tour, but after going through the ground floor level I got called away and never saw the "good" part and never got back.

The building took 3-4' of water and probably some wind damage. There are FEMA trailers on the interior loading/work areas, although there were probably real squatters earlier on.

There are some possible gentrification plans for that area so I don't know where that will take the brewery. I do know that if I hit the lottery one of my investments would be making the Dixie Brewery and Nicks Bar into some kind of brewery/entertainment area. There is too much history and name recognition there to waste. It would take a lot of money as the place was maintenance poor for years when Dixie fell out of favor.

BywaterBob -

The Dixie brewery is an old brewery. I think that can explain why some people who are more familiar with the new microbreweries might think Dixie is dirty. If you have ever seen (or saw, since most of them are gone) the old breweries in the midwest then you know what Dixie's plant looks like.
I am from New Orleans but I don't really like anything Dixie brews. I mean I will drink the signature beer at a boil or something, but I never buy it at the store. But I'll give it another try when the brewery rolls out beer again.

Avraham -

We just got back from a weekend in New Orleans. We're there monthly and have been bemoaning the lack of Dixie Beer... then this trip as we walked into Dorignac's in Metairie someone was coming out with several 6's of Dixie in his cart. Did a double-take, then hit the beer aisle where there were just a few of Dixie and a few of Voodoo Lager left. We stocked up, of course. Haven't had a chance to chill them and sample...
Abita's Restoration Ale was good, but I didn't see it this time. They may have ended that in favor of their 20th anniversary brew.

Tom Daykin -

FYI, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports today that Dixie Brewing Co. has hired Minhas Craft Brewery, of Monroe, Wis., to brew and package Dixie. Here's a link:

Ray Thomas -

HELP! Stop the insanity! I just contacted the Minhas Craft Brewing Co. and was told that they indeed have been contracted to brew for Dixie.

Now the insanity-I live less than thirty miles from this brewery. I've never been able to find ANY Dixie brews outside of New Orleans and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I wont have to go to LA to get a case or two

NOT ON A BET! The Lady giving me infromation said they have contract to BREW not DISTRIBUTE. I won't be able to drive over and get a thing. I may be able to tour and taste, but nothing is sold there.

HELP! Does any body buy this beer in Northern IL or Southern WI?

To all those ranting about the sanitary conditions of ANY brewery should understand that grain and vermin have been togather longer than Beer and yeast. Newer brewery's maybe cleaner but it's like swimming in the "No Peeing" section at the public swimming pool.

Ken Winter -

I'm so glad to hear that they are back. But I still can't find Blackened Voodoo up here in the Northeast. Anyone out there know of a distributor anywhere from Maryland to Connecticut?

ofelas -

Anyone know of ANYWHERE in Canada that has Dixie original or LoneStar beer? Been in Canada for a bit now and I MISS the above two!!

Fishman -

This place has a few bottles left of blackened Voodoo though you will pay through the nose for shipping. Does anyone know where i could get some Dixie original shipped to me?

Beck -

To anyone here with a soft spot for brewery architecture, the Dixie brewery is in the parcel announced by the VA as their preferred site for a new New Orleans Medical Center: http://www1.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=1372. It's a sad, sad dilemma. We desperately need the hospital and medical center, but it's heartbreaking at the same time to think of this icon falling. The site is fairly near the pre-Katrina Poydras St. location - I haven't been able to find any explanation why the VA wants this new site rather than rebuilding in place, nor what plans there may be for the old VA site. Besides Dixie, the new VA site encompasses a broad swathe of residential and small business properties. Not the greatest neighborhood in pre-Katrina NOLA by a long shot, but a neighborhood nonetheless that could have used the stimulus of a brewpub/tourist destination AND a fully functioning brewery (as WarrenJ described above). I used to work down the road a little ways, and passed the Dixie Brewery pretty often. There's a strong-spirited but not-so-wealthy Tulane-Gravier neighborhood group, Phoenix of New Orleans, trying to restore their homes - I wonder what they think about the VA plans...

On another note, anyone know whether Minhas "imported" cypress to brew in? As a native Wisconsinite and a long-time New Orleans transplant I'm especially curious to see what this partnership yields...

phil buchmann -

dixie beer and its unique flavour have gone long ways and found enthusiasts even in switzerland where i was born and raised. i'm so glad i found this blog, cause i thought dixie was dead. eventhough it ain't being
imported to switzerland no more, i'd find it more than tragic if the production wasn't continued
after the storm. thanks god this blog is proofing the opposite. i saw the brewery myself in march
of this year and i was told by natives that the brewery was supposed to be a messy shithole.
but you know what! i don't give a shit as long as this delicious beer keeps it's unmistakable flavour and character. and by the way, a little dirt ain't never harmed anyone, no it strenghten your immune system!
i just hope dixie beer will manage to get back up on it's feet and bring beer pleasure to the
loyal fans around the globe.
good luck to dixie and the great city of new orleans$
keep your head up

Loren Thompson -

Hi, everyone

I Live in Columbus,Oh. I am looking for a distributor or store that sells Crimson or blacken voodoo. please inform me asap!!!


marc -

I'd heard about Dixie beer for awhile now, am pleased to say that I came across (earlier tonight)
a bottle in the Rio Grande Valley (south of San Antonio) where I reside, its taste grow on ya'll.
Well worth the $1.49 for a single bottle to let me try it at long last. I would have rather tried
it in No'lans oh well. Lache pas la patatte, mes amis en Louisianne! To my friends in Louisianne,
y'all don't ever give up!

Chris Davidson -

I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I am looking for Dixie Beer and the Voodoo. Can anyone tell me where I can find it on the Mississippi Gulf Coast or Mobile Al. I work with some people who are also looking for this beer. I remember after the Hurricane I went to one of my local watering holes (Thunders Tavern to be exact) looking for the beer. I thought if anyone would have it it would be the very depenable Thunder. But to my dismay they do not carry it. Even if I have to drive to Silidel LA I might do that (or maybe even NO, I sometimes fo there for business...maybe I can talk to my boss and have me head that way again even thoough I am not too fond of the people I would have to see LOL).

Thanks to anyone who can provide a little help to a very thirsty person on the Gulf Coast.

Tim Follett -

I live in Toronto, Canada, your neighbour to the north. Was able to visit NOLA twice before Katrina. Had my first Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager at Deanies Seafood, sitting in the chair that famed actor Sean Penn had just vacated. (Actually, he held the door for me as he left the restaurant.) After the waitress filled me in on my brush with the star, I asked her to recommend a good local beer. She listed a couple but I stopped her at "Blackened Voodoo Draft". That's the one, with the cool name. Well, she brought me the beer, and the rest was history. I was hooked. The rest of the weekend was spent drinking DBVD. THe next trip down I made sure I brought back a 6 pack with me so my friends and family could try it. Everyone loved the taste. I dubbed NOLA my new "Home away from home".
Then came Katrina.

I watched the news with a constricted throat and tears in my eyes, knowing that everything wonderful I had just experienced was washed away.
My spirit was renewed by hearing that someone is trying to get the Dixie Brewery back up and running. That would be wonderful!
I am currently writing a fiction novel that centers on a Vietnam Vet living in NOLA. If and when it gets published, I'd like to donate some proceeds to the rebuilding of the Dixie factory.

TIm Follett -

In fact, I've taken some beautiful photos of St. Louis I Cemetery in NOLA and I've been trying to find out who/where I can send them to auction off for charity in NOLA. ANy help would be appreciated!

The Beerbuddha -

Man reading these posts about Dixie is interesting. People are so passionate about this brew. But come on folks it never was all that good and their brewery was a mess. Jay was right. Don't take offense to his comment. He wasn't saying that Dixie sucks as a brand he was just commenting on the cleanliness of the brewery. Hopefully things will change. I really enjoy their Blackened Voodoo. And I'll be honest nothing beats a Dixie while eating some crawfish. With the whole revitalization of Tulane Ave we'll hope for the best. Meanwhile we have another New Orleans brewery coming to town with NOLA (New Orleans Ale and Lagers) Brewing. Owner Kirk Coco and former Dixie brewmaster Peter Caddoo look to help revitalize beer in New Orleans so get ready!!! Hopefully New Orleans can once again be the brewing capital of the South!! (wishful thinking!)

alebuff -

More intrigue ! Recently got given a bottle of Dixie Beer (labelled Dixie Brewing Company, New
Orleans) and have gathered from this site that beers are being contract brewed
elsewhere because of damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. The bottle I
bought stated that it was "craft brewed in the EU". (That means the European Union" to those who dont know !! Have not been able
to find out where. Does anyone know?

larry -

I have an old bottle with dixie brand on it did this company make it frm san antonio?

Alexey -

Dear Sirs,

I am breweriana collector from Belarus. I will be very obliged if you send me some sets of labels and coasters from your brewery including old ones. My address is:

Mr Alexey Kovalev
Retchitskoye shosse, 14B-52
246027 Gomel
Republic of Belarus

Many thanks in advance of your reply.

Alan -

Can't help you Alexey.

vhouse30 -

Hey gang, i need some Dixie Beer around Hattiesburg, Ms. The weekly trip to Slidell, La is getting expensive!! Anybody help?

Larry -

what is the lastest word on Dixie beer in New Orleans?

Chris Buechting -

Back in the 90th i lived in New Orleans for a while and loved this stuff. It had a different taste to all the other beers.
I am back in Europe and living in Luxembourg now. Does anybody know where to get the normal DIXIE beer in Europe??
Desperate help is needed !!

Ken T -

Succinctly recall being sent to the bowling alley in St Matthews Ky as a youth to pick up a six pack of Oertles 92, or Falls City, and a pack of Pall Malls during the late 40's. Kids used to be able to do that. They must have been very popular beers as most of my kin drank them. Would love to get their recipe and try to make some. Regarding Black Label, recall pallets of it sitting in the sun in Danang with Marine gvuards on it to keep us Army types from appropriating it. It was not all that good, only one level above Tiger beer, but sitting in the tropical sun did not improve the quality I'm sure. Regardless, we were thankful to have it! Thanks Carling.

Dean -

Im drinking a dixie right now its july 26 2011 (im from the future) , i bought the beer from my local wine supply store they only had two 6 packs left . I went to the website that is on the side of the beer dixiebeer.com but the page is unavailable, it has a post katrina label on it referring to the storm katrina. The label states it is now brewed by joseph huber brewing company for dixie. The beer is still damn good but it seems to be less hoppy. The wiki link for the joseph huber brewing company does not have dixe blackened voodoo listed under their current brews. Does anybody know the current status of the dixie brewery??? Sorry for the long story but im buzzing from the last 6 pack of dixie blackened voodoo!! ;-}

frank -

Being from S.A Texas, my beer of choice would be a beer thats brewed in a little town of Shiner Tx. But this past weekend, I went to New Orleans and had two blacked voodoo Lagers at 6.95 each at Margeritaville, "wow "now thats " expensive ".Maybe Jemmy Buffet is holding out on us? Great Beer that voodoo !!

Stewart -

Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have
truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

virginia causey -

when did Dixie Beer stop using the "45" in their slogan/brand name,, and why ??

I heard Colt beer company made Dixie stop,,, because Cole trademarked/'patented" the "45" and Dixie did not ???

Joe Bernstein -

Which wholesaler distributes your beer in Anne Arundel County, Maryland?