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Mike -

HEll YES!!!!!!!! I want to open a wine and craft brew place in WV, but the distribution companys don't carry what beer lovers want. What can I do to help change this.


kate funkhouser -

Why should we be limited by the alcohol content in our beers, especially since these same "restrictions" don't apply to liquor and wine. Prohibition has come and gone. WV is in a fog and needs to get out of this backwards state of mind. . .I think anyone can agree, that allowing the sale of craft beers in West Virginia will be good for business!
I enjoy good beer, but I have to go out of state to find it. Please let me know how can I help make progress to resolve this issue!
Sincereley, a seriously concerned ciitizen of WV

Stan -

I live in WV but very close to Pennsylvania, so when i want craft brew i drive to pa and bring it back to my house. I wish WV would wake up and take this law off the books. PA also needs to loosen their restrictions. All beer stores are state owned and they are hard to find and the tax is outrageous.