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jeff barnes -

Cool Map.

The beer mapping site I heard about on National Public Radio seems a bit more accurate for my neck of the woods though. Maybe they should team up!

Alan -

Hey - I think I have had contact with that group as well. Very interesting. That map is here but it only covers brew pubs and breweries and not also thinks like home brewers and brew bars.

Gordo -

I can't find any sign of it here, so I'd be remiss in not mentioning The Ontario Beer Hunter.

Like the American one, it's Google Maps, but it shows the locations of LCBO's, Beer Stores, Wine Racks, independent brewery outlets and independent winery outlets as well. Many cities have their own, street-level maps, as well. For instance, Kingston is here.

Happy hunting!

Brian -

Hm, it would be nice to create a Canada wide map like these. Maybe something I can do when I have time... waaaaay down the road (as I add another project to a growing list of things I need to finish before I eventually die).

Alan -

I leave those things to the young whippersnappers.