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Donavan Hall -

I wrote back in December about Abita Christmas Ale that I think Abita is moving away from it's roots as a producer of bold beers and going for a more "mainstream" light-lager-ish line up. I miss the days of Abita's XXX-mas Stout. Their Amber and Turbodog have remained a constant over the years. To my taste Turbodog has to be consumed very early. If you buy it right from the brewery, it's great. If you buy it in a six pack on Long Island who knows how many months after bottling, then it's not so special.

Alan -

Hi Donavan,

Do you agree with the hard water observation? It's one of the firmest breweries for the water that I can think of having come across.

Donavan Hall -

They use the water from the spring there in Abita and sure there's plenty of minerals in it. I suppose I'm used to the hardness since I've been drinking Abita all my beer drinking life. Turbodog was one of the first beers that I started drinking regularly. I'll open a Turbodog today and try to form some more informed thoughts about the hardness. I just happen to have a six pack of Turbodog in my beer cooler. Lucky me.

Alan -

I have four Abitas in the fridge that I will fob off on family. There is just way too much hardness for me to find it at all enjoyable.

Alan -

After the second Golden and Christmas ales went into the marinade, I thought I would give the last one, the Purple Haze, a chance. Nice wheat ale with a light touch of raspberry. The beer pours light amber with a pinky/purple touch. White rim and lacy foam. The beer is grassy, light with a bit of a generic berry flavour. The label says the raspberry is added after filtering so the beer is a bit sucked out from the middle. Still, quaffable and refreshing and no real feel of the hard ale thing that the other Abitas had.

Ken Carman -

I used to stop by the brewery all the time before they moved it. Then, when they first opened the old brewery as a brewpub, they did a Christmas Barley Wine that was outstanding. But since then I have found stops there to be far less than exciting, and too often boring. It reminds me a little of Federal Jack's in Kennebunkport. Both came into their regions with brew styles unheard of at the time, and I'll give them credit for that and enriching the marginal (at best) brew scene back then. Hell, Abita alone gave birth to McGuires, which I thank them many times over for. Both Abita and Federal were pretty much the first in their regions. But regional innovative brewers have gone far beyond what they seem to be willing to brew. I believe pushing the envelope is very important, more important than just producing the same aging product line over and over. They need to compete. Time to step up to the vats, or admit to the superior creativeness of their "offspring."

exAbitian -

The originals were fantastic. The company had a take-over of sorts and got rid of their original brewmaster, started making a series of compromises to their recipes in order to begin a larger distribution and to increase shelf-life, and quality has been slipping ever since. The Golden, which used to be excellent, is now just another beer. The Light is unremarkable in every way. The best bets are the seasonal beers if you can get them quickly. They make a summer wheat, the above mentioned Christmas Ale, and used to make a Fall Fest although I didn't find any last fall.

Alan -

A good story on the state of Abita.

Chi -

I moved from Baton Rouge, LA 3 years ago and have not been able to find any distributor in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, specifically) that sells the seasonal (Spring-Summer) Abita Harvest Strawberry beer. Does anyone know where I can find this beer around here? All the Abita distributors I called only sell Abita Amber, Purple Haze and Turbo Dog throughout the year.