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Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Bob -

Very clever. You want me to tell you so there won't be any when I make a run. No, nice try but I'm not falling for it...again. Oh, actually I'm stocking up on Moosehead and Labatt's, eh. Yeah, that's it.

Alan -

OK, here's the deal. You go there and I'll go here.<p>But if that doesn't work, does the Blue in the Christmas packaging taste better?

Bob -

Sure it does, if you want it to bad enough and have an active imagination. You're better off with a nice Ommegang Three Philosophers or Allagash Curieux though. Can never have too many of those in the cellar IMHO.

Alan -

That is a good theme - quality east coast US Belgian-style bombs. I have a couple of Allagash limited editions in the stash as well as some Southamptons I have yet to try. Though I have had it, I don't think I have ever reviewed Three Philosophers yet - or ever had Rare VOS yet. That is the problem of being a big fan of their Ommegang and Hennepin. Must look for Victory Saison as well.

Bob -

I sincerely hope that review situation changes soon then, as Three Philosophers is a great brew and certainly worthy of hoarding when available locally. It can be tough to find in quantity, hence my previous attempt at humor. Availability is probably much better closer to home though. Here's to hoping!

KevBrews -

I've been enjoying the Avery Old Jubilation. Also have been on a barleywine kick--Moster, Lagunitas' Gnarleywine, some JW Lees vintage beers, Stone Old Guardian, and Bigfoot.

If available, the great lakes Chistmas ale is usually tasty. And Bell's porter is one of my winter favorites.

Alan -

I may have an Avery Old Jubilation in the stash. I know there are a number of barley wines down there for a future "Week of..." post. I don't think I have ever had an Avery. There is an imperial stout down there too with the other imperial stouts.

Evghenis -

I picked up the Heather gift pack at the LCBO recently... I seem to recall you doing a post on that one a while back... but it's only available this time of year, and in my humble opinion, it's outstanding stuff- the Fraoch in particular.

Alan -

Yes, the Historic Ales post is here and don't forget the Kelpie.

Dirk -

Difficult question. But I live in Belgium and have a choice of 1300 different Belgian beers! This time of the season I go for the Christmas-beers, dark and strong. But my all time favourite is Duvel.

autumnaldave -

When in ny, roll hard...

Brooklyn black chocolate stout, any middle ages, any southern tier, southampton double white (so you can have a white christmas?)

and if possible roll into the blue tusk with about 5ish hours on your hands... you'll have a great time.

gr -


gr -

Wow! Like dropping a penny into a bottomless well: quiet. No jokes, no indignant reponses? I havn't had bud anything since the 1980s and Santa, I don't want it now. Readers here may not realize that Alan knows nearly everything, suggesting anything to him is like talking to a beer encyclopedia. BUT, Alan is coming to my town, to the beer store of 700 plus brews, and here are my thoughts for him to chew over:
-Smuttynose Scottish Ale,if its around. Like eating a loaf of pumpernickel bread chased down with a shot of Talisker Scotch
-failing that, Stoudt's fat dog stout, also thick and flavorful
-personally, although I am not going there, I would if I could, but I think its time to tour Oregon brews. There, my goal for 2007: Oregon brews, heck, maybe California brews too

Alan -

I know that I don't now way more than I know. I am also hoping the lake effect is mild tomorrow. Middle Ages has a good Scots ale, too: Kilt Tilter.

gr -

Yeah, Kilt tilter is pretty huge too.
Weather could be a lot worse, from what I hear. A few flakes blowing around and gathering now.

Alan -

Sounds like a fairly discrete one, the sort I have driven through before. We have winter tires on the car. I may leave a little later to hit Syracuse around 11 or noon. Lunch, Finger Lakes Bevvies and then back north again.

Dave S -

The Saranac 12 Beers of Winter. One of their better collections. The Rauchbier is fine, maybe a little less smokey than it could be.