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Ron -

Good to hear that the Ithica was nice. I've sampled a few of Ithica's and I haven't been that impressed. Now I'm going to go out and try some more from them. -Ron

Alan -

I think of them as a brewery working hard. I only like some of their brews but I really like some like Flower Power IPA. The popular brown ale has an odd (to me) lime juice note but it is their biggest mover as I understand. I have the smoked porter and stout in the stash to try. More Ithaca in the archives.

Travis -

I have to agree with Ron, I live in Syracuse, so I want nothing more than to have a local brewery do well. But I was less than impressed with most of the Ithaca brews. That is until they came out with their Cascazilla. That is a "monstrously hoppy" red ale, it was OUT STANDING. I have to say, as a home brewer, I have the same addiction to hops as most home brewers do, but this was a great beer.

Gotta go try this new winter brew now. Thanks.