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Temujin -

I quite liked the other two selections from Fuller's that I have tried. Your review has me sold. I'll look for it next time I'm shopping!

Nicholas -

Fuller's ESB and London Pride were always "buy 'em when you see 'em" on the rare occasions they appeared in my local LCBO. Although I'm not as omnibeerbibulous as I used to be, Fuller's is still a brewery name to conjure with.

Paul in Kingston -

But the question remains: is it worth the $6.50? Perhaps I am being boorish but I am steadfast in thinking that the beauty of beer is tarnished by anything (especially price and Holt Renfrew-grade cardboard box packaging) that adds elitism or inaccessibility to its presently global and classless appeal.

Long live beer for everyone! Reject a two-tiered beer culture!

PS - I apologize publicly for all of my bashing of bud light, blue light, piss-lite, etc. Those days are behind me now.

Knut Albert -

I beg to disagree, Paul, there is a diffence between quality beer and crap, and some of us try to do our bit to educate the masses.

I had planned to visit the Fuller's brewery whan I was in London last month, but my suitcase was already filled up. A dozen beers from English micro breweries to start with, and the the closing down sale for a lot of the bottled beers from Young's, until recently the other quality London brewer (if you're not counting the micros).
So it will have to be next time.

Paul in Kingston -

Yes - I agree with you Knut, and I do appreciate good beer made by craft-minded brewers for discriminating consumers. The thing that has me bothered are the trappings of "quality" that are driven by marketing more than the brewmaster. Things like a fancy cardboard box for each bottle, or perhaps bottles that are paper wrapped, and of course the price. They smack of a barking attempt to create the image of a "quality" product that may or may not have anything to do with what's inside the bottle.

I'm not saying the beer is bad - I've heard it's very good. I am mostly concerned that it promotes an excalating competition to tart up packaging to elevate some beers to "elite" status while letting the brewmasters craft slide. There is already enough of that in the wine biz.

I guess my bottom line is a skeptisicm that outside hype is compensating for something missing on the inside.

Chris -

I just bought two bottles of the 2006 Vintage Ale. I missed the 2005, which was supposed to be one of their best ever.

Wondering - do any of you ever see Fuller's London Pride in bottles in your LCBOs? I can only find it (since before last summer) in cans. I hate drinking beer that's been canned. (Is that wrong of me?)