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Jon -

That's simply tragedy...

You should seriously inquire about getting a replacement case. At no charge.

Todd -

Just curious if you've contacted the brewery, and what the response was. It's a big disappointment, and in the microbrewery world, sometimes bad things happen, but the brewery should make good on this.


Alan -

I think I will forward the link as the beer is clearly excellent and maybe so excellent that it actually is trying to save its own life through throwing the yeast into the breach, like a Dutch lad's thumb in the dyke. This morning, I received this email from a Portland Oregon reader:<blockquote class="smalltext">Interestingly, I bought some HOTD this summer at the brewery, and when I opened a bottle of the Doggie Claws, it was a little flat. Mystery solved.<p>It should also be noted that HOTD is a one-man operation, with temp workers coming in for bottling only. Alan brews almost every day, all
by his lonesome. Makes the beer they make still more impressive. He's also a very nice man and a fantastic griller. For the Oregon Brewer's Fest he holds an opening party each year. Well worth checking out if you can get here.<p>They debuted a new line this year? called "Fred of the Wood," which is Fred, oak-aged. Very, very, ridiculously good.</blockquote>Clearly, this is a great operation that is working at the level of a large nano-brewer as much as a small micro-brewer. The most amazing thing is how wonderful the now empty beer-wetted cardboard box that they came in still smells.

Paul of Kingston -

Do you think they may have gotten a bit frozen along their journey?

Alan -

No, the brewery has admitted a capping machine error. They are quite lovely otherwise. Freezing would have affected the beer itself.

Paul of Kingston -

Well thank goodness for yeast then!

Andy -

It seems Alan (the HOTD brewer) has been having these capping problems for a good while. When Fred from the Wood came out, it seems all the bottles had the same bad cap: one that was just a tad too small and couldnt completely crimp. These beers of yours seem to have the same issue. I'd think that a brewer so focused on (and succesful with) quality and aging would have solved these problems by now.

Timothy Doyle -

Wow I love the looks of that Glass It looks like it really muds your tongue

Alan -

A far unhappier tale from the Bar Towel Hair of the Dog order.

Drinking in the basement -

I finally had the courage to crack open a bottle from my case of Claws, and lo! the yeast had saved another bottle. Pffft! Messy as hell (got a fair bit of yeast on me), and only a wee head with the bottle poured straight down into the glass. Lovely beer, but I doubt I'll be able to age any, seeing as how the yeast is in the neck and all the caps are poorly crimped. At least I got a case that didn't suffer from spillage...

I probably won't be buying any HotD for a long, long time (if ever again even) 'cos of this snafu. It's a pity, because the brews themselves are great and do age quite well (have a few Batch 8 Freds in the cellar still). I would have loved to have had this Bar Towel order turn out to be a great success, but if a brewer isn't willing to value his customers, why should I waste my time on his beers?

Cooking Asshole -

That totally blows...luckily I live in Portland Oregon and drink Hair of the Dog all the time! Blue Dot Double IPA is my favorite so far. Beware the 2009 release of Doggie Claws with the blue caps. They have ZERO carbonation and totally suck. The gold caps are okay. Good luck in the future!

Cooking Asshole -

I just saw your comment above mine...

This brewery is just one dude. He makes some awesome beer but is only human. He fucks up too.

best of luck in the future!