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Paul of Kingston -

If you still have plenty of yeasty residue in the bottles perhaps you could try recapping a few and seeing if they come back to life.

Apologies for recent typing mayhem - new wireless keyboard is a dead loss - it can't even keep up with my three fingered style.

Alan -

I popped one of the Fred's last night and there may well have been an increased carbonation, an extended <i>pfft!</i>. It was in good shape.

Alan -

<center><img src="http://www.genx40.com/images/2007f/fredyeast.JPG" vspace="15"></center><p>An update on Project Salvation after eight months. Had a Fred last night and the yeast held up, keeping the air out at the start and the weights on top of the caps has maintained a thin line of cap to glass contact. And the beer is still quite wonderful.