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Knut Albert -

I find the recommendation from CAMRA a bit puzzling, I don't agree that there is any English style wheat beer. There are fine English pastiches of German and Belgian wheat beers, but they could have recommended a fine German brew instead.

Alan -

Since my people left Norway in 1250 we have not kept up. What is the Christmas holiday beer tradition there? Anything like English wassail-ing?

Alan -

Not much luck finding that Yuletide Cherry Porter as I checked out the Glenora Springs Brewery only to find it quiet. The staff at both the LCBO and The Beer Store in Picton were not sure of whether it was open but both mentioned it was under new ownership. All looked neat and tidy at the site itself both inside and out but only the old labeling was on display as far as I could tell.<p><center><img src="http://www.genx40.com/images/2006h/glen1.JPG" vspace="10"><p><img src="http://www.genx40.com/images/2006h/glen2.JPG" vspace="10"></center>

Alan -

And as I had a hard time finding the place for no reason I can think of, it is between the ferry and the road up the hill on the hill side of Highway 33. Here is a map:<p><center><img src="http://www.genx40.com/images/2006h/glen3.JPG" border="1" vspace="15"></center>

Knut Albert -

The Norwegian Christmas beers are traditionally rather sweet and nutty, with an alcohol volume of about 6.5%. Good with fatty food.

There are still areas of the coutry where the farmers malt their own barley and brew beer for Christmas, this is described in one of the large Michael Jackson books.

The trend now is to experiment more with the seasonal beers, adding spices and stuff. Soem of them are quite all right, some are rather nasty.

Paul -

Blended Whisky in a cup of tea is the best first drink of the Christmas day - about 8.00am !

Paul of Kingston -

Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner but Mill Street's Coffee Porter seems the obvious choice for my Christmas breakfast beer. It's bittered with coffee and it'll go very well with me kippers and eggs! 'Nuf said.

KH -

There is q wonderful Winter Warmer from Picarons Brewery in NB.