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Jeff -

I have a feeling the distributors are going to object. I guess their afraid someone in El Paso might drive 8 hours to Houston to buy a 6-pack. But I am contact my state representative next week to encourage him to support the idea.

Alan -

Hey Jeff! Just remember: don't mention a foreigner - one of them socialist Canadian-type retail brewery store lovin' Canucks - got you all riled up on this.

And hard to believe there are only five micro breweries in Texas. Imagine there are about that many in Portland or Syracuse. Did the story get that right?

Tedo -

I have been talking about Saint Arnold's quest to change Texas law for a couple of weeks now, I'm glad that others are picking up the story outside of Texas, (heck outside the US is good too). The more coverage they get I hope the better. Its amazing that Texas Wineries can sell Wine out of their tasting rooms, but Texas Breweries can't.
Yes the Story got that right there are only a handful. 19 have started up, only 5 remain. Real Ale, Independence, Saint ARnold's, Live Oak, and Healthy Brew (Texas's only All organic brewery).
As for Jeff's Question, Brock (CEO and Owner of Saint Arnold's) answers that question on their Blog: http://www.starnoldgoestoaustin.com/blog/

Travis -

As a resident of the Empire State (NY) I can sympathize with outrageous legislation. A few years ago NYS passed legislation that added a $70 deposit on kegs and required you to have the kegs back (with the paper receipt still stuck to the side of the keg) to the distributor within 30 days to get your $70 back. This was an attempt to curb underage drinking, but it instead punished people with home keg setups.

The good news is that I understand they have since made changes to the legislation, but to be honest I lost track when I started home brewing and kegging my own. "Why roam when you can get it at home?"

Ian in Cowtown -

Saint Arnold is great beer! I drink it regularly whenever business sends me to Houston. In fact I just tried this year's Christmas beer back in November. Delicious!

I sincerely hope Texans can change the law and treat Texas breweries fairly. Here's another socialist-Canadian-type who supports Texas micros!

Alan -

Hey - the cause of Texas craft beer had got its own blog!